Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 484...fOrGiVe mE...

"Lord, I apologize for that right there, and please be with the starvin' pygmies down there in New Guinea, Amen," ~Larry the Cable Guy

Ok...sometimes I screw up...I will say that eventhough I screw up...I have NO PROBLEM admitting when I'm wrong or when I've made a mistake...and saying "sorry" is really important to me...

To the people that are IN my friends from various aspects of my life...and my may seem that I am really open to new people...that I just "spill my guts"...and let everybody right IN. Not so. I am VERY skeptical of most people I meet. I'm very cynical and I always expect the worst so that I'm not disappointed...I know...kinda weird. I always say that I have amazing intuition and I have learned to follow "my gut" over the years and it hardly ever steers me wrong. Every now and then...I'm wrong about a person. So, I feel the need to apologize to anyone that may read AND to the person that I was wrong about. Eventhough he will never see will make me feel better. I could've just gone back and erased what I had written, but that wouldn't be honest or true to this process. I mean what I say at the moment I type's just sometimes I change my mind later on.

Yesterday, I went on and on about how this guy that was visiting the gym was driving me crazy...and while I STILL find him to be a little obsessed with Crossfit...I shouldn't have been so quick to judge and dislike him. I don't even know him. You can only imagine how bad I felt when I looked at the gym website and this guy had left a comment "THANKING" me and Jared for welcoming him and giving him some extra instruction. I a a gossipy, judgmental bee-yotch when I read that. Ugh...why am I so flawed?

It's funny..I can say this because I have told them both about this in person... ("Shorty" will find this amusing) I really like R and B (the dynamic duo)...I think they are great guys! They are strong and funny and I always enjoy being around them...BUUUUT...I did NOT like them the first time I met them. In retrospect, I was feeling intimidated...but at the time...I convinced myself that they were annoying and I was determined NOT to like them. It only took a few visits for me to COMPLETELY change my mind. So this is not the first time I've judged too quickly. Please forgive me...I'll try hard to be better!Soooo...on to the workout today...J texted me this morning to tell me that he, and "the guy visiting" and a few of the firefighters we now were going to the gym to do a workout called "The Filthy Fifty". He invited me to join them, and of course...I COULDN'T RESIST! "The Filthy Fifty" is so hard, but it is actually one of my favorite Crossfit WODs. We were all feeling nervous...feeling "butterflies" before we started. The anticipation was INTENSE. We all struggled through, and it was the most intense "50" I've ever done, because normally I am's easy to stop when you are alone. This time I didn't want to look like a wussy in front of the boys. I used the same weight for KB Swings and Push Presses...I had to use less (16 lbs) on the Wall Balls because the 20 lbers were in use. It was so much different doing it with other people. Now...10 hours later...I'm already getting sore, but I'm glad they invited me up today.

50 BOX JUMPS (24 IN)
TIME: 37:15


Shorty said...

Yep, I got a kick out of your R & B note. I can relate...I don't always like them as a pair either, and fortunately met B by himself during our first encounter with each other. Some days they are just on a roll and too much to digest. Those days are when they are much better to swallow when they are separated. Kind of like little kids. I guess that can be said for a lot of male best friend pairs. Are we girls like that, annoying to the opposite sex when we hang out with our BFF's? Geeze, I hope not!

Glad you got in one of your fave workouts! I'm sure you kicked butt!

MC said...

Ha ha! that I know them...I think they are hilarious together...but I don't have to live with em...ha ha...

Guys call each other names and act like kids together and we probably come off as shallow and whiney...who knows! Anyways, gotta love em...they keep life interesting!