Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 482...wiLL iT eVeR bE oVeR?...

I was so tired after working more than usual yesterday. I slept late and didn't wake up until after 7. It was nice to just sleep til I woke annoying alarm clock buzzing...just eyes opening. The only thing is, when I do that I tend to be a little panicked because I know that I barely have anytime to get kids to school on time and I know that my husband will have already made lunches and then he'll be running late and be resentful and mad with me. Why he doesn't just wake me up...I don't know. I appreciate the sleep...hate the guilt I feel. ANYWWAY...I got the 3 kids off to 2 different schools at 2 different times looking like the typical (in my own words) "busted up housewife"...wearing PJs, a random jacket that didn't match, hair lookin a mess, and big pink fuzzy slippers. I did throw on huge black fashion sunglasses (like that helps!). I did a few things...checked emails...started laundry...and headed to the gym.

I was supposed to workout with J, but right as I was leaving, he texted to say he was having severe back spasms and couldn't meet me. I told him it was okay and went all "over protective Mom" on him...insisting he rest...telling him to let me know if he needed anything...etc etc etc. I had chosen a workout off the Navy Seals Crossfit site for us, so I went up to do it alone.

The weather was so beautiful today. The warmup was supposed to be a mile run, so I set my stuff down and headed for the train tracks (there and back is exactly one mile). Then I did a few dynamic stretches and set up my weights and the box. I put on music...started the stopwatch...and got to it! As soon as I got to the Thrusters (front squat to press with a 45 lb bar) on the first round, I knew I was screwed. I was not sure I could make it all 5 rounds...but I was determined to try. I even yelled to no one in particular...since I was alone..."Will this ever be over?!?!"...somewhere around round 3. I finally finished, but it took me almost an hour and I was beat when I was done.

I swear...EVERYTIME I do a Navy Seals nearly KILLS me! Yet I keep going back for more. Some days I wonder what the hell is wrong with me... It was really hard...especially alone...but I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment. I KNEW when I was done that I had done ALL I could and that I could not have worked any harder.

Later in the afternoon after lunch and some shopping..I went back up to meet J and talk about class tomorrow that I'm helping him with. He was finishing up the last part of the "Foundations" class for 2 firemen (I did the 1st part with 1 of them yesterday). At the end, they wanted to do a short workout and so they did a much smaller (scaled) version of what I had done earlier (half the reps...only 3 rounds...NO running). They were pretty beat in the end, so that reaffirmed just how hard I worked today.

30 BOX JUMPS (24 IN)
RUN 400 M

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