Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 491...nOt a "fUnHoUsE" aT aLL...

J and I usually get along very well.  Today was no exception...but I was feeling a little frustrated at one point.  I went in to do "Starting Strength" with him and a man was painting the wall that we just got repaired from when the new bigger pull up bars.  It was really strong.  I asked him If I could turn the fan on because I was closest to the painted wall and it was so strong it was hurting my head.  He reluctantly agreed.  You see...J hates the ceiling fan!  About halfway through, he went and turned it off because he said he "couldn't handle it anymore".  I was fine.

I was still trying to finish my Dead Lifts when the 5:30 group was coming in.  I was sweating because I was far enough along that I was lifting heavy.  I said, "I'm sorry, J...but seriously...can I just turn this fan on for a few minutes until I'm done?"   He grimaced, but I assumed he'd say "OK" and started walking to the wall where the switch is.  As soon as I got over there, he went on a looooong verbal rampage bout how bad he "hates the fan"...and it "should be warm"...and that the gym in "not a funhouse".  I'm thinkin...."Okay...this is a little much...just say 'NO'..."  So...I did not turn the fan on.  Sweating seemed like a more pleasant alternative.  And...needless to say, we did agree on one was not feeling like a fun house at all!
A few minutes later...J asks, "Oh, you didn't turn the fan on?".  I said, "No.  It was upsetting you."  and then I said jokingly in a really dramatic voice.."It's ooookay....don't worry about ME...I'll just suffer in the heat."  He said "Now that's a good attitude!"  Oh brother!  Then he went on about how I could get a box fan and all kind of other stuff.  One of the people in there said, "It IS hot in here."  J responded with a joke about how he was gonna tear the fans down and put heat lamps up which I said, "Good!  Do it!  I'll have all kind of clients hanging out trainin with me and my box fan!"  I let go of the bar and looked around and said, "See people!  If you want a fan!  You need to come train with me!"   We all laughed as we were just kidding!  But SERIOUSLY...who knew that a fan could stir such emotion!   There's never a dull moment at the's great to work with your friends!

45 LBS X 10 (warmup)
65 LBS X 5
85 LBS X 5
105 LBS X 5
120 LBS X 5
127.2 LBS X 5 X 3

45 LBS X 5
55 LBS X 5
65 LBS X 5
70 LBS X 5
75 LBS X 5 X 3 (1 FAIL)

95 LBS X 5
135 LBS X 5
155 LBS X 5
185 LBS X 5
205 LBS X 5

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