Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 495...wEiGhTLiFtiNg sHoEs aNd hAnDsTaNds...

I was so excited to go to the gym. I got my brand new weightlifting shoes yesterday afternoon that I have been anxiously awaiting. I was so excited that I wore them around my house for an hour last night. I knew they would help me feel more stable, but I had NO idea just how huge the difference would be! I tried a Push jerk and I have never had such a solid landing. Then, I started my Back Squats. I was amazed and I was able to go up yet another 10 lbs this time on my workset.

My squats went well and then I decided to do some Deadlifts and come back up to the gym later when J was there so he could help "spot" my bench presses.  I did my warm up sets...95 lbs...135 lbs...155 lbs...185 lbs.  I was surprised at how difficult 185 lbs was for me today.  I have steadily increased my weight each time...and I love to do Dead Lifts.  I did 210 lbs 5 days ago and 205 lbs  just a few days ago.  Today, I could not move 205 lbs off the ground...not even once.  That was discouraging, but I soon forgot all about my failure when my sister came in to meet me for lunch.  I decided to try doing a handstand against the wall.  I have been working on these with R.  He's been so sweet and so patient.  I have been scared and awkward.  I tried 3 times and then it happened!  I ended up in the handstand position against the wall!  I FINALLY did it!!!   ALL BY MYSELF!!!  I was thrilled..and I couldn't stop.  I did it about 5 more times before leaving for lunch.
After lunch I went back to try again on the Dead Lifts and to do Bench Presses with J's help.  I was still unable to do Dead Lifts.  WTF?!?  I am so confused as to what happened, but I moved on to Bench Pressing.  J hurt himself and was in bad shape.  I didn't want him lifting the bar so I was trying to struggle it off...needless to say...that didn't go so well.  When I was finally done at the gym, I went to the park and finished off my day of working out with a run.  Things didn't go quite as planned...and I had a few failures...but nothing can bring me down after getting my shoes and doing some handstands!
45 LBS X 10 (WARMUP)
65 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
120 LBS X 5
135 LBS X 5 X 3

45 LBS X 10
65 LBS X 5
85 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
100 LBS X 3 (AGAIN-FAIL @ 4)
95 LBS X 5

95 LBS X 5
135 LBS X 5
155 LBS X 5
185 LBS X 5
205 LBS (FAIL)
200 LBS (FAIL)
195 LBS X 3 (FAIL @ 4-GAVE UP)



Shorty said...

I must say I chuckled when I say the shoes! (They are kind of cute in a totally fashion-conflicted B would say, "they are tactical!") But, that's great that they make a huge impact on your lifting. One thing that scares me with lifting tons of weight is the detrimental effect it can have on my mom has horrible back issues and I don't ever want to be in that boat.

B just told me that Saturday's workout is a Firefighter workout so it looks like I won't see you until next week. Me and my anxiety will be ready for a CrossFit workout by then! Have a great day, MC!

MC said...

"Tactical"...that's a nice way to put it! Everyone's reaction is the same..."Are those YOURS?!?!" Not quite the cute wedges or stilettos they expect out of me. They are UUUU-gly, but they certainly do their job.

And only have one back and ONE problem can cause a lifetime of issues. You just have to be careful. You can get benefit without lifting really heavy weight.

I know you are heartbroken about tomorrow ;D...I'll c ya soon! can breathe easy and have a good day!