Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 486...qUeeN gOrGo...

Most of us at the gym all love the movie "300". It's not uncommon for someone to yell "Tonight we dine in hell!" during a workout or for R to refer to himself as Leonidas or to tell me "Cmon!  Let's go King Leonidas on this!"

Today we had another round of free classes at the gym so that people could bring friends and family in to check out what we do there or for people that visit to our website to be able to come in and experience a little "dose" of Crossfit style workouts.  Many times we have to split into teams and do team workouts because there are too many people there.  I was in workout clothes, but normally J and I help the unexperienced people with movements, keep time, or do whatever else it is that needs to be done.  Soooo, I wasn't planning on working out at that time, but the teams were not equal so J asked me to join one of the teams.

I love to compete with the boys...I usually don't win but I bust my butt to keep up...and I do.  I especially love to compete with R.  We love to tease each other and talk smack during workouts.  We each motivate the other to go a little harder...a little faster...and a little further...and we have fun doing it.  When we are in teams we are not in direct competition, but still we were ribbing each other.  Today at one point I pulled my team over to share my SECRET strategy.  We were huddled and I'm spelling it out when R (NOT on my team) says, "Hey thanks MC!"  He had been in the circle the whole time and I didn't even see that brat!  We were laughing so hard.  Then I yelled out that our strategy was to do 25 each (not so, but it tricked em).  When I was on swing 45...R said "Wait a minute!  You are doing WAY MORE than 25 swings!"  I said, "I know."  R said, "But you said.."  I cut him off and yelled, "I lied!"  When I was complaining about how bad my forearms were burning he's like "Oh cmon!  You are the Queen from 300!  You can do it!"  Then I said, "What was her name?"  He said, "I don't know."  I said "Me neither but she was tough...and she was HOT!  Okay...I'll be THE QUEEN! Cmon Leonidas! Let's do this!!!" and we did...even though we were on separate teams.

I had so much fun today...working with my friends...and meeting new people...and channeling Queen Gorgo during my workout!
FIRE HOSE DRAG AND PULL ACROSS PARKING LOT FOR 12 MINUTES (one team member at a time...adding together how many times we went across)


ROW FOR 12 MIN (one team member at a time (rotating every minute)-score is total meters rowed in the 12 minutes)


KETTLE BELL SWINGS (2 team members at a time-score is total # of swing that everyone gets added together)


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