Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 478...wHy cAn'T i dO pOweR cLeaNs riGhT?!?

...Coach Mark Rippetoe assessing and teaching the Power Clean...

I had to train my client, JE early this morning instead of in the afternoon like usual. She worked hard and did a good job. I was really proud of her. Then it was MY turn to workout once she left. I wasn't really "feelin it" today, but I got to work anyway. I was doing some "strength work"...all I really knew was that I needed to do some bench pressing and some power cleans...anything else I did was just extra.

I was okay on bench pressing, but it is so hard without someone to spot me or at least help me get the weight up off the rack to start. It takes extra energy that I could be using to lift, but I was alone so I just did what I could. I felt a little weak towards the end, but all in went well. Then came those "effin" Power Cleans! I just never seem to hit my leg on the right spot...I tend to start pulling too early...and it hurts when that bar lands correctly on my chest so I over control the bar with my hands instead of just gettin under the bar and letting IT land ON ME. I was getting SOOO frustrated. I could FEEL it wasn't right..and I KNOW what to do to correct it...but I wasn't DOING it. I was trying to remember everything I was taught when J and I went to the Barbell cert a month ago. Finally, I just fought through until I was done with my "worksets"...all the while wondering..."Why can't I do power cleans right?!?". I also decided that I need to get my butt in gear and ORDER my weightlifting shoes. I know it will help me.I did some other "vanity" stuff (as A always called it) and then I did 100 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps in the parking lot holding 25 lbs to finish it off. It sucked SO bad. I was glad for my workout to be done today. It just wasn' But then again, I guess if it was easy and always "fun"...EVERYBODY would look good and be strong. I know that's not the case so I'll quit complaining and know that it may have been frustrating and hard...but it's worth it in the end...because IF I push hard and do difficult exercises as correctly as workouts will be effective and I will not be wasting my so many of the people that I have seen in other gyms.

HERE'S WHAT MARK RIPPETOE, an expert in the field and author of "Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training", HAS TO SAY ABOUT THIS VERY THING:

“Effective exercise is hard and that’s all there is to it…just like anything else…if it’s easy, it’s probably not effective. The most effective equipment of any sort is barbells and we’ve known this for decades. The problem with barbells is that you have to learn how to use them.”



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