Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 475...a nEw yEaR...a nEw sTaRt...

I have always loved writing here. I say I do it for me...and I do. At the same time, I've been busy for the past 2 weeks plus and I guess I figured that no one reads I have taken the LONGEST break since starting this blog. I didn't even give it a thought until my best friend that doubles as my sister, fussed at me over hot sauce and chips at a Mexican restaurant.

S: OKAY MISSY! (that's what we call each other...dunno why) IS "PAIN DIARIES" OVER OR WHAT?!?




S: I DO! AM I NOBODY?!?!?!


That was about 2 weeks ago. I meant to catch up, but I just never did. So as I sit here on New Year's Eve, writing thoughts down for my other blog (I know!...a sad thing to do on the biggest party night of the year!) I realized that officially January 1st as of 7 minutes the perfect day to make a fresh start. I'll go back to writing the events of each day in the gym and along the path towards getting stronger and better at what I love to do.

I'll start with some realizations that have come to me over the past 5 days or so that I have been working out at 24 HR Fitness because I have been traveling and away from my normal surroundings/gym. I've seen people flounder and flail at the gym...aimlessly plan or direction. I've seen some movements that literally scared me and made me worry about the health of the person performing the movements. I've seen "Trainers"...walking clients around and plopping them on passion or enthusiasm for what they do. I've also seen these same "Trainers" sit by and allow their client to use really poor form and really light weight. I've had strange comments as I was deadlifting...something that I consider a STAPLE of ANY workout regimen...things like "Wow, you must be an athlete!". I'm thinking, "Wow, this guy must never see people do deadlifts!" I've seen the perplexed look and the awe as the "everyman" in the gym watches me workout. And after all this...I have come to some conclusions...

1. I am so glad that I have direction and goals. I KNOW what my one rep max is on deadlift and back squat and bench press...and I KNOW where I want to be in the future. The weight I choose is not's calculated. Everyone should have goals in the gym...specific goals.

2. I am so lucky that I have spent the time and money necessary to attend classes and work with experts and trainers so that I have the knowledge and training that I need to do lifts and movements in the gym with correct form and efficient technique. Am I perfect? NO!!! Am I proficient? YES! It is worth every penny and every bit of discomfort that I have experienced over the years to learn how to do exercises CORRECTLY.

3. I am convinced that hiring a personal trainer is more of a necessity than it is a luxury. People don't need to hire a trainer indefinitely, but everyone can benefit from one on one TRAINING...not someone that sits you on a machine with a yawn and devoid of passion...a trainer that wants to teach and enlighten and change people's lives. It really can make a difference in the ability that people have to attain goals and be successful in the gym.

4. Olympic Lifts and Barbell Training is NOT just for Olympians and Power Lifters. These movements can greatly improve strength and coordination. People who are serious about their fitness should not take exercising lightly...they SHOULD train AS IF they ARE athletes. I feel so lucky to have learned these movements and to be able to practice them weekly.

5. FINALLY...I realized that what I do for a "living"...personal training...IS not a silly job...but a worthwhile service and a serious responsibility. I have become re-energized and re-committed to learning more and being the best trainer that I can be. What I do, can heal people's bodies and souls. What I do, can make a difference. What I do, IS important and I am so thankful to W and J for encouraging me and pushing me to face my fears and to do what I a job.

Here's to a new year! 2009 will be the year that I accomplish things I never thought possible 5 years ago! Cheers!

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Shorty said...

Glad you're back! I've missed you! And, yes..your job makes quite a difference in a lot of people's lives. Keep up the great work!