Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 477...fReE cLasSeS aT tHe gYm...

Okay, so first I have to time he decides to start snappin pics with MY camera...I hope R tells me to suck it in! I'm all slumped and practically lookin pregnant! ha ha! Okay, enough whining...on to business..

I woke up...head pounding...throat sore. Great. We had 2 free classes that were advertised at the gym. J said that if I was too sick, I didn't need to come...but I wanted to go and I knew I wasn't going to stay in bed. I also knew that I felt bad but I wasn't THAT sick, so I went up to help J teach some movements and to help people through the workouts. We had several people come that were new and seemed to really like Crossfit. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing people come in and "drink the Kool Aid" and get hooked. There they are...sweating...out of can visibly see that they are shocked at the way they feel...because Crossfit is like nothing else. They are worn out, but they want MORE. A few people even signed up to take the beginning courses this next week, so I would say it was a success. When everyone left, I was hoping that R and/or J would want to workout out. No such luck. I was feelin pretty bad, but I knew I needed to workout.

It was such a beautiful day. I wanted to drag the tire and rower and kettlebells outside..but the fact is...I had NO energy left. was now 12:30 and I hadn't eaten all day. I talked to my husband and decided to just leave and meet him for lunch. I was so tired and I knew I needed rest...I just didn't want to feel bad for not doing anything. After lunch, I tanned, and I headed home...wishing I had worked out...plotting my next move. I got home...changed...and went for a run. It was hard to breathe being congested and it was really warm...but I made it 3 miles. So...not exactly a tough workout...but I did SOMETHING.


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