Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 485...cRoCheTeD pAnTieS...

I have had some strange titles this week. I don't think they make one bit of sense or are funny to anyone other than me, but Hey...this is my life and that's what I'm here to talk about...

I am really tired. I've worked really hard this week in the gym, but I have also had some really good times with the guys and I have had A LOT of laughs. We are havin a couple of "FREE" workouts at the gym tomorrow, so I decided to take today as a "Rest Day". That way, I'll be fresh tomorrow. So, I had to cover the 6AM group this morning. I got ready...and got to the gym at 5:45AM. I was expecting 2 of the newer guys, but when I got there...R was already there waiting in his truck. Soon after Ry came in...then S...then M (ONE of the two I was expecting). Normally, R, Ry, and S come in the evening, but sometimes people switch up.

Today was "Skills Practice"...we worked on the Push Jerk and then Dead Lifts. After, we worked up to a 5 rep work set of Dead Lifts. The guys were great...especially M. He's brand new and really working hard. So once we were done...M said "Good-bye" and left and S went back to take a shower. R, Ry, and I were chatting about nothing in particular while Ry waited for his turn in the shower. Once S came out and Ry headed back, I gathered my stuff and me and those two (R and S) headed for the door. It's real cold outside today so we all had coats on. S put a black crocheted scarf around his neck and proceeded to tell R and I how much he loves that scarf because one of his 5th grade students made it for him. We had a minute of small talk about how great it is to get gifts like that, and I jokingly said, "See! Y'all NEVER made ME anything like THAT!"  They laughed and R says, "Ok, MC...I'll crochet you some underwear." I laughed and said, "Great! Some crocheted panties!" He said, "Yeah...I'll come up here with a present and say 'Here's a thong I made for you!" I was laughing (we ALL were) and I said, "I'll go home and tell my husband 'LOOK HONEY! R crocheted me some panties!...and he'll say...'WHAT THE HELL?!?" We all laughed and I said "Good bye" to the boys as I got into my car still laughin. Some people may find this inappropriate...but it's just the way we couldn't script this stuff! So there's NO workout to report...just a silly story.


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