Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 483..."bEsiDeS, i gOt a gUn aNd sOmE buLLeTs!"...

Crazy title today, huh? Well...I'll explain what it means...but I have to say that every time I think about those words...I laugh.

J and I planned to do our "Starting Strength" workout together again today. We were supposed to meet at the gym about an hour and a half before I had to train my client. I was in Barnes & Noble buying "The ABS Diet" book. when she texted to ask if we could move her session up by 30 minutes. I agreed and just headed for the gym from there. I figured that I would just do what I could before she got there and I knew J would already be there. I got there and J was there talkin to a guy that does Crossfit at Camp Pendleton. I went back and changed into workout clothes and then came out out to do Back Squats. I'm gonna seem like a bee-yotch now...BUUUUT...this guy was getting ON MY LAST NERVE!!! It was Crossfit this...Crossfit that. I can do this workout this fast...I can do this other one even faster! Blah...blah blah...blah blah! The other thing that was driving me crazy was that he kept on blowing his nose with tissue. He sounded all sick and snotty. All I could think was..."OMG...he keeps on blowin his nose and touching everything in the gym!...the rower...the bars...the weights...." Then he goes over and starts correcting J's back squat form!...and he was W-R-O-N-G! J and I both corrected HIM and we finished up our squats right as JE, my client was comin in.

Once I was done training her, we sat and talked. We were joking around with J. He was giving me a hard time...and we were laughin. After that, J and I went back to working out because we still had Shoulder Presses and Power Cleans to do. We were finishing up when AX came in early before the 5:30 group training class to practice some movements. J gave me a couple of suggestions that I think really helped my Power Cleans. Oh...I LOVE THAT..I LOVE when I am open and I try a different way and it is better. I also LOVE that we can "coach" each other and correct each other and neither of us feels angry or offended. It's a comfortable...a safe feeling.

As we were finishing, R, Ry, and D came in to workout. After Ry changed, he came over and started to talk to me, R, and AX. He started tellin us about how he wants to marry his girlfriend of 3 years, because #1 He obviously loves her, but also #2 He's just enlisted in the Navy and will be going to BUDS (Seals training) in the fall and he doesn't want to go through Boot Camp and carry on a "long distance relationship". He was TRYING to be a "good guy" do the "right thing"...and so he decided to ask her Mom and Step Dad's permission to propose to her. They were rude to him and said things about his family and basically said, "No." He was heart broken and now, he's in a bind. They want to get married, but now it's a problem. I was telling him how sorry I am and to just give it some time. Then a few of the guys started joking and sayin "Well, just tell her Step Dad that he's not even her real dad so he doesn't count!" ha ha hee hee!...just silly comments! There were a few other "tough", smack talkin suggestions and we were all laughing. Then J comes over to get in on it and just says, "Hey, just tell em...Hey man, this was a respect thing and I tried to talk to you...but I'm a man and you're not being reasonable and we're gonna do what we want!" and then he all the sudden adds to the end..."...AND BESIDES, I GOT A GUN AND SOME BULLETS!" Now, I have to say..I know it sounds actually kinda scary...violent...disturbing even, but it was not meant in THAT way AT ALL. It was just crazy...and SO FREAKIN FUNNY! I can't even do it justice by repeating the story, but we all just laughed and laughed.

Every time one of those moments occurs...and they occur quite often...I just love those guys and I'm so glad they are my friends...part of my life. They bring laughter and happiness and strength to me...and they don't even have a clue. I LOVE my friends and my job today!

45 LBS X 5 X 2
75 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
115 LBS X 5
122.2 LBS X 5 X 3

45 LBS X 5 X 2
55 LBS X 5
65 LBS X 5
70 LBS X 5
72.2 LBS X 5 X 2

65 LBS X 3
70 LBS X3
75 LBS X 3
80 LBS X 3
87.2 LBS X 3 X 5


Shorty said...

Sounds like good times!

MC said...

Oh it was!...and you know all those boys and their guns!!! Wish you were there, girl! Have a great day!