Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 481...iT's hArD tO gEt sTrOnG...

Today was a BUSY day. I had to work ALL day off and on...starting at 6 AM and ending 12 hours later. So I was up at 4 AM to shower and "wake up" before I had to talk to and train people. I am just NOT a morning person, so it takes me a while of being up and going before I can handle serious interaction. The morning class was pretty full and went very well. After I got home and got all the kids off to school, I headed back to the gym to workout myself.

I'm doing the "Starting Strength" program 3 days a week and doing MetCon workouts in between. I have to say...IT'S HARD TO "GET STRONG"! My body is tired and achy and it takes time and willpower in the gym. It was kinda boring and a bit of a struggle at times, but I did it and I'm gonna KEEP doing it. I'm also gonna be stronger when it's all said and done...sore or not...hard or matter what.


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