Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 482...a "qUiCkiE" wiLL dO...

This morning I went to the first of my new group training classes that I am in charge of! Yay! I FINALLY get to train MEN!!! It was JJ's first time back since having a baby (actually his wife HAD her) in 3 months. Wow! It's hard to take off like that and then come back. I love JJ. He always works so hard. He is an inspiration to me, because he keeps pushing through the pain and fatigue. L is new. He is a BIG strong fireman. His strength blows me away, but I appreciate the fact that he's stepping outside of his comfort zone (strict weightlifting) to tackle things that do not come as easy...endurance stuff. They did a great job.

I am tired after working out in 3 spurts yesterday...and I KNEW that I SHOULDN'T...because I did Back Squats yesterday and I'll do em again tomorrow...but I wanted to do the same workout as them and see how fast I could do it. Geez...I don't know when I became so compulsively competitive! It only took me about 18 minutes to do the workout (It took the guys 24/28 min), but my legs were dying on the Overhead Squats! I'm resisting the urge to do MORE. I usually like to go and go and go, but today...I'll take my "quickie" of a workout and be done.


15 KTEs (knees to elbows)
400 M RUN

*A little follow-up...it is so funny to me how sometimes the most seemingly easy workout can "zap" my energy for the whole rest of the day!  I was tired after I got through this morning, but I always am.  I fell asleep in the tanning bed when I went to tan afterwards.  I got home and checked e-mails and blogged...still feeling tired.  I thought I would feel better after lunch, but the fact is...I have been WIPED OUT all day!  I guess that just goes to prove that even if you do a short workout, if you give it EVERYTHING you have...with FULL INTENSITY...it makes a big difference.  THAT is what it takes to be successful in the quest to be "fit"!

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