Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 707...sOmEtiMeS iT's eNoUgH...

I don't know what it is with people that Crossfit. I wonder if Crossfit makes us the way we are or if we are drawn to Crossfit BECAUSE of the way we are. I love meeting other people that love CrossFit as much as I do and I always notice many similarities. Most Crossfitters are tough and unapologetic and passionate and driven...always pushing for more...faster...not afraid to suffer or puke or gasp for air. We are not afraid of a challenge or a little blood. We wear our bruises and scraped shins and torn up hands with pride...we see them as battle scars..something to be proud of rather than injuries we want to hide or be careful to prevent. It's always full halfway or maybe or in between.

Sometimes this gets me in "trouble"...sometimes it makes me understimate a workout or make a stupid decision. Today was one of those days. I wanted a cardio type, metcon workout heavy weight...just my body and lots of heavy breathing. I saw one that a friend had posted on Facebook and decided that I would do it. As I headed to the gym, I made a decision. I decided that while the workout looked good...I could add just a little MORE to it.

So I came in and did a fairly lengthy "dynamic warmup". I wrote the workout plus my addition to it on the whiteboard...and then grabbed a timer and took off on the first of what was supposed to be 4 one mile runs. It was originally 3 one mile runs, but I thought I would add another run and an extra 50 reps of yet another exercise. It was about 10:45 and it was already sticky and hot. I realized on the way back when I was running uphill, that this would not be too easy...and it would not be fun...still I was determined to follow through with my plan. The second run I started to have that feeling...the one where the realization of just how hard it will be to finish kicks in...and the third was just a fight..."a bare whatever you can to win" fight. It was so muggy and hot and I was starting to feel exhausted. It was I climbed up on the GHD to do my situps and leaned all the way back...that I realized that the prescribed workout...the original creation..was ENOUGH. And it was not because I am weak or afraid of pain...not because I wanted to get out of the gym quickly...I just knew. I know that when I program a workout, I have a reason for what I prescribe and I know that my friend did too. For once I decided to be stop trying to become everything in ONE DAY and realize that what I had done...was ENOUGH.


50 SITUPS (I made it more difficult by doing them on the GHD)
(36:36...slooooow but steady)

*this WOD (workout of the day) courtesy of CrossFit Scottsdale

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 706...i sUcKeD...iN a gOOd wAy...

It's been a long time since I've written. This use to be a huge part of my day...everyday. And one day, I realized that it wasn't "fun" or satisfying anymore. It had become a chore...just as my working out had become. I felt stumped and negative and I felt as though I was maybe bringing myself and my friends and family that read this down...and so I stopped and took a break. I went from feeling an incredible need to write everything I did not caring about it at all.

Last week, I started thinking about writing again. And again, I think that my desire to write has a lot to do with my desire and satisfaction in the gym. For a few months...I was always alone in the gym. I felt separated and lonely...tired of the same routine...stagnant. I was really feeling sorry for myself in a lot of ways and I have continued to workout this whole time...mostly alone. The last couple of weeks, I've decided to make a change. I still workout alone several days a week, but I've been goin up to the gym when I'm not teaching and joining the group sessions (usually at 9AM). It has really made a difference. I feel more motivated...happier...I look forward to working out again. So anyways...I guess I'm back to continue what I started...

Today I went in and did a workout that I did a while back off the Navy SEALS site called "Embrace the Suck". I've wanted to do it again in a group setting so I was excited that J finally agreed to do it. It's a workout that you do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes...last time I only got 7 rounds. I didn't care what I got today as long as it was 8 or more!

Right before we started, I got that feeling in the pit of my gut. It was the same feeling I got when I went into labor with my 2nd and 3rd children. All the pain and agony that I had "forgotten" suddenly started to reemerge from my memory. It was that "Oh crap! Now I remember what I'm in for!" feeling. Before I could panic, it was time to start. The first few movements are always a shock to my system and today was no different. My body felt like it was resisting but I continued anyway...defying the urge to stop.

I was next to MB. MB is an example of what hard work can do for a person. He was not very strong when he came to the gym...many times he was the slowest. MB is one of the most committed people I have ever met in the gym. He never quits. He even broke his arm on a missed clean and still worked out with one arm while he was healing. Now MB is always right there near or at the top. He keeps me goin too...keeps me pushin! We all worked hard and it was like a stack of dominoes when J called "TIME!" Everyone dropped their barbell and collapsed on the floor in a pool of sweat.

I made my goal...I got 8 rounds plus a few extra movements. MB was lying there motionless...I yelled across the room "M! You alive over there?!?!" He looked over at me and said, "That's one of those workouts that will leave you not feelin right for the rest of the day!". I laughed and agreed.

Today I can honestly say that I SUCKED...but not in a bad way. I buckled down and felt "the suck" of that workout, but I didn't stop or run away...I embraced it as best I could! I felt strong and I know I pushed myself as hard as I could...but the best part was being surrounded by people that I like...people all working and suffering just like me...people that can still smile when its all said and done...people that will come back for more tomorrow.

1000 M ROW


5 THRUSTERS (95/65)


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 559...dEpReSSeD...

I have no clue what my problem has been today, but I feel so down.  I don't know why...I just do.  It's so dumb, but regardless it has been hard.  I went to the gym but I just couldn't get myself goin.  I opened the doors and let the breeze blow in while I did some work on my computer.  It was actually very calming to be there.  I always feel relaxed when I am there during the day...alone...or with friends.  

My husband called and invited me to lunch.  I left and met him and then went back to workout...feeling much better than I had before.  After a few minutes up there, J and his firefighter friend came up to do some studying.  I went and ran to the railroad tracks (1 mile) for my warmup and then drug the big tire and a bar and the rower outside.  

I went in to do KTEs (knees to elbows) on the bar inside as part of my workout.  After 10 reps, my hand felt "funny".  I looked at it and realized that my blisters that I thought were "better" and "flat" had ripped open and I do mean RIPPED.  There was no blood, so I wrapped em and kept going.  I just switched out GHD situps instead of continuing to do KTEs.  

I struggled to finish and I was tired and slow, but it was a good workout.  It's amazing how much working out can do for your spirit.  I felt much better.


185 LB TIRE FLIP (down and back pkg lot)
500 M ROW

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 558...aPRiL FooL's?...

I've been on antibiotics since Saturday.  Yesterday was awful...the peak...but today I feel like I've turned a corner and I'm headin back towards good health...FINALLY.  I taught the 6AM class and then went back up to workout myself.  P joined me.  

I wasn't too worried because it seemed very "LEG" oriented.  The problem was that J had put "braced" squats in there.  I've never done these, but it's basically holding a weight out in front of yourself with locked arms and then squatting.  It was very difficult to hold any significant amount of weight like that.

It was tough and I grunted and groaned louder than normal, but in the end...not a single person finished faster than me.  Everyone worked hard, but one was in the same shape I was in when they were done.  I was struggling to breath...making noises I've never heard myself make.  I wondered if this heinous workout was really an April Fool's Day "joke"!  It WAS really hard...but I AM proud of the effort that I put in today.

25 "BRACED SQUATS" (holding 10 lb plate)
400 M RUN

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 557...sO siCk...

I am miserable.  My nose is head hurts...and I'm coughing like crazy!  I keep going...even when I'm sick...but today...I just can't.  I have decided to skip working out (a painful decision).  P let me sleep in.  He took care of the kids and got them off to school.  I would stay in bed all day, but I have a hair appointment.  I am in desperate need of a highlight and I don't want to wait weeks for the next I'm goin...and then I'll grab lunch and head straight back home to bed.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 556...nOt tHe bEsT cHoiCe...

I've been sick since Saturday.  I knew I should rest my body...but being the ever stubborn person that I am...I went to the gym anyway.  The workout was 10 Pullups and 10 Ring Dips for 10 rounds.  I'm not as strong as the guys in the gym when it comes to Pullups, but I decided to go ahead and give it my best shot...sick or not.

I have to do "kipping pullups" because I can't do 100 "dead hang" pullups.  The problem is that when you hang and swing on that bar over and over and over is hard on even the toughest hands.  It's pretty much a guarantee that if I do upwards of 50 pullups...I'll have either painful raised calluses (if I'm lucky) or blisters or tears of some sort.  Today was no exception.  On round 7, my hands were really hurting.  At the end of round 9, I knew something bad was about to happen.  My hands were looking really bad.  I thought about stopping, but I didn't want to quit with only 10 left.  I mean I figured, "What's 10 more when you've already done 90?"  

I'll tell you "what it is"...It's 2 BIG, PAINFUL blood on each hand.  I was probably 2 pullups away from tearing them completely open.  There was so much pressure that everytime I would close my hands, the blisters would throb.  In addition to the pain in my hands...the strain of working that hard did not do my cold any good.  I was wiped out.  It probably was not the best choice to do what I did today, but I proved to myself...once again...that I can keep going when it hurts.  Anyone who knows the "old me"...from 5+ years ago...knows that THAT is big.

500 M ROW


10 RING DIPS (band assisted w/ little purple band)
10 ROUNDS FOR TIME (20:17)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 555...i gEt bY wiTh a LiL hELp fRoM mY fRieNdS...

Yesterday, I talked about doing a team workout up at the gym.  I also mentioned that the 2 teams had very different strategies.  The team that won, Team 2 had a very straightforward approach.  They split the reps up equally amongst themselves.  There's not a thing wrong with that at all.  My team, Team 1, did things a little differently.

My team consisted of me, Big E, and 2 new girls.  We split it up, but rather than stopping after a certain number of reps..E and I (knowing we were the strongest on the team) did extra wherever we could.  The funny part is that we didn't discuss it...the two of us just did it.  We didn't do it to gain an advantage.  My reasoning was very different.  I was thinking about helping my "weaker" teammates...about true teamwork...not thinking about myself or how bad it hurt...but about helping someone else succeed.  

My team finished about a minute after the other team, but I'm proud of what we did anyway.  I think that if more people were willing to "take one for the team"...the world would be a better place.


*I have to clarify that when I say "weaker teammates", I don't mean to imply that these 2 people are weak.  I mean they are brand new and haven't been doing this as long as E and I have.  There's NOTHING weak about either of those ladies!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 554...tEaMwOrK...

I woke up this morning with not much of a voice and a sore throat...luckily I didn't "feel bad" I took a shower and got ready to head up to the gym to workout.  At least twice a month, we have "free Saturday workouts" at the gym.  Usually there are more people than at "regular" classes so most of the time...we do "team" was no exception.  J had me take everyone through the "Burgener Warm Up" that we learned at the Olympic Lifting certification then we split up into 2 groups and got started.

We had a certain distance that our team had to go on the Rower and 200 reps of 3 other exercises to complete.  It didn't matter how we completed it or split it up, but we all had to be doing a different exercise and then rotate.  We had very different "strategies" and in the end...J's team beat my team by about a minute.  It was not an extremely high number of reps, but it was intense because there was no rest.  We just kept moving from one thing to the next to the towards finishing.  

It was a perfect example of "intensity".  Even though we split up the was very taxing because of the constant pace we kept without rest.  None of us wanted to let our team down so we all pushed as hard as we could.  Today was really fun.  

I love teamwork!


ROW 5000M
200 BOX JUMPS (20 IN)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 553...i jUsT kEEp tRyiN tO wiN...

I woke up at the ungodly hour of 4:30AM with a sore ready...and covered the 6AM group at the gym.  Then I went home to shuttle kids to school.  Afterwards, it was back up to the gym to workout myself.  My husband joined me and we did the same workout as the class.  It was deadlifts and running...2 of my favorite things!

It was a tough workout, but not anywhere near the hardest I've done.  When I was done..I was shocked to see that I had beaten the fastest time (BB) by almost a minute!  What?!?  He's "Billy Bad A**"!!!  I was so excited to think that I may just be #1 today!  ...and I was until the PM class came in and a guy CB beat me by a minute!  Ahhhh!  That's okay...really I don't HAVE to be the "winner"...the great part is that trying to "win" pushes me further and THAT is a good thing!


RUN 800 M
RUN 800 M
RUN 800 M


Thursday, March 26, 2009

DAY 552...sOmEtiMeS iT hUrTs...

Working out hard hurts. No one likes to hurt, but some people are willing to withstand some pain or discomfort to push themselves to excel.

I was covering the 8:30 AM class. J did not specify what he wanted them to do, so I decided to use a workout that I programmed about a month ago. It was a cold rainy day back then and NO ONE ever came in to the classes that day so no one got a chance to experience it but me and it was tough. I just remember being so incredibly out of breath. Only a couple of people came...then my husband showed up, and I decided to workout with them as well. I felt good...strong. I beat my previous time by two minutes and I beat everyone there by several minutes as well.

My husband later told me that it seemed "easy" for me. I said, "Are you kidding me?!?" I was real pain...out of breath...wanting to stop. He said, "Well you sure make it look easy." I guess I am just willing to take a little "hurt" to make myself better...stronger.

5 ROUNDS (26:59)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 551...a sEcReT wOrLd...

A few weeks ago a woman came in to the gym to work with J.  Apparently at some point, he started telling her about me.  She proceeded to say that she knows all the fit Moms in our town and that she's never heard of me.  Ummmm...what?!?!  J told me about it and was a little confused.  He jokingly said, "I don't know if there's some secret underground world of fit Moms around here or what!"  I proceeded to tell him that there is not an "underground club" and that she was just being a "hater".

Yesterday, he says..."K is comin in tomorrow at 10 to finish her classes."  I said, "Who's K?"  Turns out it was this lady that supposedly knows every fit Mom.  I said, "Okay, well I won't come up because I don't wanna be in y'all's way.".  He said, "'s okay.  You can workout if you want...You can come up and show off!"  I said, "Ok."

I went up and J introduced us.  She was a bit cool, but polite.  I wasn't sure what workout to do.  I didn't want to do what the classes were doing because I did not want to do Thrusters...I decided to do the workout that he had done the day before.  It was Squat Cleans and Rowing...not my favorite things but you can't only do what you I set up the bar and got started.

Now I'm gonna sound like a real jerk here, but I can't tell you how bad I wanted to workout alongside the "Queen of Fit Moms".  I wanted to "school" her in what it really means to be a "Fit Mom".  I don't wanna hurt anybody, but seriously where does she get off thinking that because SHE doesn't know me...I must NOT be fit???  That's Grade A B***S***!

She ended up doing very little working out (at a snail's pace I might add) and a whole lot of whining.  I ended up doing a lot of work in a short period of time and a whole lot of grunting and groaning.  I don't have any anger towards this lady.  I recognize that she is not really mean...she's just doesn't understand...lots of people don't.  I'm just glad that I do.

250 M ROW

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 550...mOrE...

As I said, I was determined to do more today than I have done over the past few days.  I sat down at my computer to check out the Navy SEALS site, and noticed I had a message on Facebook.  I had intended to get to the gym early, but 2 hours later and many Facebook conversations later...I realized that once again, I had been sucked in to what I affectionately call "The Blackhole of Facebook".  I finally left to tan and workout.  I tanned and then my Mom called to invite me to lunch.  I got ready and decided to put working out off for a few hours.

After lunch, I changed and went up to the gym.  I haven't seen J in several days, so we chatted for about an hour before I got started with my workout.  I was doing the Navy SEALS version of a CrossFit workout called "Fight Gone Bad".  It was the same exercises, but in a different way..and it was really tough.  I felt nauseous...really nauseous...close to throwing up almost the whole time!  It was hard, but in the end, I felt good that I was able to push it hard today and do more than I have been able to do over the weekend.


20 SDHPs (55 LBs)
20 BOX JUMPs (24 IN)
20 PUSH PRESS (55 LBs)

200 SITUPS (100 ON GHD, 100 REGULAR)


Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 549...wOrN oUT...

I got home late Sunday from my "Sister's Roadtrip".  There was terrible traffic and construction so a 4 and a half hour drive ended up taking 7 hours!  We were up late all weekend and laughed practically continuously.  I felt like I had been run over by a truck when I got up.  It didn't help that I had to work at 6AM.  I covered the 6AM and 8:30 AM classes and then headed home feelin exhausted.  I wanted to workout, but I had no all.

I took a nap and met my sis for lunch before heading back to the gym to cover classes at 4:30 and 5:30.  Once I got home, I was feeling frustrated that I had never been able to do any sort of workout.  I had eaten late so I decided to go for a quick run while my family ate dinner.  It wasn't really "enough" but I was glad that I at least did something!  Are you noticing a "pattern" here?  Tomorrow, I better do more!!!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Days 546..547...548..."rOaDtRiP bAbY!"...

Ahhhhh!  I just can't seem to stay caught up!  So...this past weekend...I took a little roadtrip with my two younger sisters.  When I got my new car...actually truck...but it's so weird to me to call it a truck..eventhough "technically" that's what it is...sorry to get off subject...when I got my new VEHICLE, my sister said, "Now we have to take it out on a roadtrip!".

We (my sisters and I) have recently reunited with one of our cousins on Facebook.  We haven't seem her for I don't least 20 we all (us and her) were so excited.  We were also excited to see our Aunt as well. 

Day 546 (Friday)...
"I am OUTTA here!"  I taught 2 classes and then me and the family met up at IHOP for brunch.  Afterwards, I had just enough time to shower and pack before my sisters were meetin at my house to head out.  I was a bit frustrated that I just did not have time to workout, but totally excited to spend an entire weekend with my sissies!  We had sooo much fun!  I may not have done any situps, but my abs got the workout of a lifetime with all the laughing that I did.  My freakin sisters are SO funny...and get a few drinks in them and heaven help me!  I was cackling ALL night long!


Day 547 (Saturday)...
Well, there was a little snafu at our hotel.  We arrived late Friday to the news that we had no room.  I nicely and calmly explained that home was 4 and a half hours away, so going home was not an option and told the girl to "figure something out".  Suddenly she came up with a room (after bursting into tears...are you freakin kidding me?!?!).  There was one little problem...we were supposed to have a room with a King size bed and a sofa sleeper...instead we got a room with no sofa..just ONE King size bed.  We were desperate, accepted, and all 3 got cozy when it was time for bed.  I woke up to my sister S giggling.  She told me that our little sis, K had just grabbed her and started snuggling and we both started laughing.  K....still asleep...said, "SHHHH!".  This made us laugh harder...which caused another sleeping "SHHH!"...louder laughter...and then K woke up.

We all went down to get breakfast and then I hit the workout room.  It was pretty pitiful.  I did a lot of cardio and a few weight exercises on the machine they had there and then headed back to hurry and shower so we could meet our aunt and cousins for an early lunch.  Again, we had a LONG, full day and night that we spent laughing almost continually once again.  It was so great to reunite with our family, and it was different than normal, but I was glad that I did do something for a workout.



DAY 548 (Sunday)...
Whoa!  We were out late Saturday night!  It was about 3:30 when I went to sleep, so 8 AM came really early. Me and K went down to grab some breakfast and then I stopped by the exercise room.  We were short on time so I promised my sisters that I would be back in 30 minutes.  I wanted to workout longer but I kept my word and ran on the treadmill and then headed back to the room.  What a great weekend!  I'm so lucky that my sisters are my very best friends!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 545..."fAiL!"...

I love the guys up at the gym.  They keep me laughing pretty much everyday.  When you have a group of people that are around each other all the time...there are always funny moments that result in ongoing jokes.  Two of the guys that come to the gym...BB & R...started a joke that anytime someone does something wrong...they yell "FAIL!".  It is not's hilarious!

Today...I had a major "FAIL!" moment!  I was up late last night...knowing I had to work at 6AM...knowing I should be asleep...still it was after 1AM when I finally closed my eyes.  The alarm went off and I snoozed it...again...and again...and again.  The next thing I know I am waking up to my cell phone ringing and my husband yells, "It's 6 o'clock!"  It was R calling asking where I was!!!!   I told him I overslept and was on my way.  He said one word..."FAIL!".   "AHHHHH!!!!! ****!!!!!  ****!!!!!  ****!!!!!", I yelled (nevermind that I had 3 sleeping kids upstairs).  I was unaware that anyone else existed in the universe other than myself and the 4 guys standing outside a dark building at that moment!

I got there after throwing clothes on and brushing my teeth.  I was lookin all kinds of crazy I'm sure!  The first word I heard was "FAIL!"  ha ha!  They teased me and told me that I had a "50 burpee penalty".  We warmed up and got started...them with their with my 50 burpees.  

Now I'm getting ready to pack to go out of town on an all girls weekend with my sisters to visit my cousins.  I think I'm just gonna do some cardio...if I have time...if not, I'll call it a "FAIL!" and move on!  Nothin's gonna get me down today!  I'm headin out with my girls and we are gonna have a blast!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

DAY 544...bReAkiNg dOwN...

I was set on doing a long, hard workout today.  My husband has taken a few days off, so I invited him to come to the gym with me.  I had chosen a workout off the Navy SEALS site.  It was called "100 x 6 = pain"...this should've been a warning to me.

It was 100 reps of 6 exercises.  I scaled it to 50 reps for my husband since he does not do this kind of workout on a regular basis.  We got started and by the 2nd exercise...I knew I was in trouble.'s the thing...I don't "quit" workouts.  The mental repercussions are not worth it.  Today was no different.  I refused to quit.  Near the end, I realized that the timer I had set was not working.  That was the beginning of a downward spiral.  I was so pissed.  Here I am...struggling...going as fast as I can....and now I don't even know how much time it will take me.  I threw a bit of a fit...threw the stopwatch and broke it...and then went back to working out.  

I was exhausted in the truest sense of the word.  I was beginning to internally question my ability to finish.  I was so broken down that I burst into tears.  I let myself fall apart for a couple of minutes and then picked the bar back up and began doing Thrusters with tears running down my cheeks.   I know...sounds psycho.  Within a couple of minutes, I sucked it up and stopped crying.  I did eventually finish, but it was hard and it hurt.  When I completed my last rep, I fell to the floor and writhed in pain for a few minutes.  It was not fun today, but I reminded myself that even when it seems hopeless...impossible...that I CAN finish.


100 BOX JUMPS (20 IN)
100 KB SWINGS (35 LBS)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 543..."hiTTiNg tHe waLL" aGaiN aNd aGaiN...

I covered the 6AM class.  Once again...only one person came.  After I was done working, I was feeling tired and unmotivated.  I decided to do some Back Squats and then go run.

From the moment I took off on the trail...I felt like I was "hitting a wall"...and I never seemed to get past it.  I hit it...over and over and over again.  It was NOT a fun run, but in the end...I was just glad that I completed my workout and kept going eventhough it was a miserable run.


45 LBS X  5 (WARMUP)
65 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
115 LBS X 5
125 LBS X 5
130 LBS X 5 X 3


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 542..."jUmP aNd LaNd!"...

I hate teaching the Push Jerk...I always have.  Let me be perfectly clear.  This hatred has nothing to do with the movement itself or the people I teach it to.  It also has nothing to do with how well the people I teach are able to do it.  It has to do with the fact that I never feel like I can teach this movement in a way that is not confusing.  I watch people freeze up as they over think the movement.  Some people walk away after a frustrating session with J or me and STILL don't know how to do a Push Jerk "properly".  So you can only imagine how stressed I was over teaching this movement to a new couple at the gym.  J has been working with them and asked me to cover their last "foundations" class.  

I decided to try something different.  I decided that I would teach them the way we were taught this weekend at the Olympic Lifting certification.  Coach B talked about the importance of keeping teaching understandable and simple.  The lightbulb came on for me.  Instead of teaching these people the way I was taught and the way I have been taught to teach...instead of using terms like "dip and drive"...that I would use the words I heard over and over and over again this past weekend..."jump and land".  Within 10 minutes, these two people were doing Push Jerks!  I was so happy.  It is amazing how we can take seemingly complicated movements and simplify them just by using words that are understandable.  I think this was a real turning point for me as a trainer.

As for my own workout today...I did the same workout that everyone at the gym did last night.  It was beautiful and sunny, so it was a perfect day for an outdoor workout.  I was alone, but I still set a timer and tried to go as fast and hard as possible.  It was funny because halfway through the workout, the FedEx guy that makes regular deliveries to the backroom behind us pulled in.  He made his delivery back there and then did what he always does...backed out slowly as he smiles and stares...only today there was a little more.  He parked his truck and walked to the opening on the passenger side..the one closest to me...and stood in the opening with his hands on either side...smiling...really big.  "Hey!  Can I workout with you some time?!?!" he yelled.  I was sweating...tired...and in the middle of 50 Push Presses.  I turned...faked a smile...and said, "Sure."...and went right back to pressing the bar.  It was interesting to say the least, but humorous too.

In the end, my time was faster than anyone else.  I was half dead...lying on the floor in a pool of my own sweat...but I was happy.

Row 500 M

Tire flip down parking lot then farmer walk back holding 2- 35lb plates.

50 Push Press 45lb barbell

50 Ball Slams (16 lb D-ball)

50 Broad Jumps

50 Push Ups

Repeat with same Row, Tire Flips, Farmer's walk, and 25 reps for second round.

FOR TIME (28:25)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 541...rELuCtAnT rEsT dAy...

I am really sore after this weekend's Olympic Lifting certification with Coach Burgener. We spent two long days doing what Coach Burgener calls "Drilling and Skilling" and also practicing Olympic Lifts..over and over and over again. My knees...back...and shoulders are all feelin it today.

I knew that I wouldn't be lifting today. My body needs a rest...but I did plan on doing cardio. Three different times, I tried to run and three different times I was interrupted. In the end, I did not do anything. Today ended up being a rest day. I guess I could be bummed, but the fact is...I probably needed it anyway, so I think everything turned out the way it should've.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Days 539 and 540...oLyMpiC LiFtiNg cErTifiCaTioN...

Well, I attended the Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certification the past two days. I have attended other certifications...and I'm always nervous...but this was by the most nerve wracking of them all. The thing is...I have always felt fairly proficient in the movements that I was going to "learn" at the other 2 certifications. That was not the case this time. I had NEVER really done a Snatch with a Cleans needed A LOT of help...and while I know how to do a Push Jerk, I had NEVER done a Split Jerk. The other part of this is that I was scared to death of Coach Burgener. I know that he is a great coach, but I was terrified that I would screw up and he would yell at me.The first day (Saturday) we spent the entire day working on the Snatch. It was very humbling. It is so interesting how you can feel so strong in one thing at the gym and find that you are so weak in another. Give me a barbell to bench press or deadlift any day...load it up with weight...and I can do well...but hand me a bar and tell me to snatch it (jump, land, and end holding the weight over my head down in a full squat) and I can scarcely handle a bar without any extra weight on it. This was way out of my comfort zone, but I did practice and learn enough to feel like I can improve greatly with some practice in the gym.

The next day (Sunday) was all about the Clean and the Split Jerk. I recognize my weaknesses in the Clean, but I definitely felt more confident than I did about the Snatch. At the same time, I feel like I did improve. I was shocked at how easy it was to learn to do the Split Jerk...but I think the MOST shocking part of the certification was how my opinion of Coach Mike Burgener changed over the past two days.

Coach Burgener has many years of experience. I would definitely consider him an expert in his field, and he has a talent for teaching. Was he as tough as I envisioned? YES! When he asked a question, the entire class had to YELL "YES COACH!!!".  When he said the word "burpee" in a sentence, we had to YELL "YAY BURPEES!!!". If we did not do these things, we had to suffer what he calls "motivational consequences". In other words...we had to do burpees if even ONE of us did not comply. I went in thinking, "Why should I have to yell like I'm in the military? I'm paying 600$ to attend this certification! I should be treated with respect!". I soon realized that he was not being "disrespectful" at all. I found myself yelling without ant any reservation or embarrassment at all.

I think one of the most impressive things to me was how he was able to teach us using the simplest of terms. He made complicated movements easy to learn. I was also impressed with his passion and the joy that it brings him when his "students" do well. This man was truly blessed with a talent and he has worked hard to use it for the betterment of others. I enjoyed myself and learned more at this certification than I have at any of the other certifications or classes that I have attended. I feel really lucky to have learned from such a great coach. I know without a doubt that I am a better trainer than I was before I attended this certification. Coach Burgener changed me and I am so glad that I went. "YAY BURPEES!"