Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 493...i'M nOt sPeCiaL...

I don't really like going up to the elementary school.  I go for lunches with the kids...mandatory room mom meetings...parent/teacher conferences...spelling bees...and awards ceremonies.  I only go when I need to, because I never feel like I fit in with all the "PTA Mommies".  I don't think of myself as better...just different.  I always find it amazing how mean some of those Moms are.  I never think a thing about how people are dressed...but every time I show up in workout would not believe the stares I get...and not just from a few Dads...mostly from the Moms.  You would think I'm walking the halls in a thong and tube top rather than some tight workout pants and a tank.  It sounds dramatic, but it really is unreal!

So I was up at school on Friday for my daughter's 4th grade awards ceremony...sporting workout clothes since I was headed to the gym afterwards.  I did indeed workout afterwards and had just enough time to grab some lunch to take up to the school at noon for the pic nic that the kids with "outstanding behavior" get to have with their parents.  I checked in at the office and said "Hello" to a woman that has a daughter that has been in my daughter's class a couple of years in a row.  As we walked down the hall to find our kids, I caught her giving me the eye (up and down...up and down).  And then...she said, "You've been working out!'  I smiled and nodded, "Uh huh.".  Then she said it..."You're so lucky!  I wish I had the energy to workout.  You know some of us just don't have all that energy!"  

WTF?!?!  Okay...this woman is about my same age.  She is not tiny, but she is not overweight either.  So why do people think that I somehow have different "energy"???  I don't have anything special or different that she doesn't have.  Okay well maybe I have a few things.  I have desire... commitment... and will.  It is amazing to me that people think like they have no it's somehow easy for me.  It makes me sad that people forget how much control that they have.  What a waste!  I wish everyone could become aware of the power that lies within themselves.  I'm not special...I'm aware.


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