Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 479...i'M eiTheR gEttiNg oLd oR sMaRt oR LaZy...

I NEVER skip working out. I even worked out a couple of years ago when I was sick for almost a month and later found out that I had whooping cough (this is why you wipe crap down in the gym...sickies like me)! I came home from our trip last week with a cold...feelin pretty bad...but not the worst I've felt. For some reason, I have just wanted to rest. I don't know...maybe I'm getting old...or maybe I'm lazy...or maybe I'm getting smarter. I just realized that I have to allow my body to get well...otherwise I keep tearing it down and I end up sick for a month. So, I made a conscious decision to rest. I wanted to workout with J, but instead I stayed in bed til noon...ate a few groceries...and trained my client.

I also am trying to turn over a new leaf and go to bed earlier. I train my body like an athlete, but I fuel it with junk and treat it l did in college...go go go on NO sleep. I want to work on the diet part too...but right now I'm taking baby steps...tryin not to over train and trying to get more sleep and better "recovery". My goal is to be IN BED by 10:30, so that's all for today!



Shorty said...

Good for you! Staying fit is so much more than physical activity. I'm sure you already know tons about diets but a great book B & I can recommend is The Abs Diet, a bright orange book, written by the editor of Men's Health in the 1990's. It talks so much about ingredients in the foods we buy and how to increase protein while decreasing the bad stuff. It's not really a diet, but more like a lifestyle change. We made tons of changes after reading that book. All my best to you!

s said...

oh yeah! g unit is back. i missed you tons and you do need to rest. a lot of times i know you look at it as a sign of weakness. but you are taking care of yourself when you listen to your body. love ya, s