Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 489...stRoNg?...

Most people associate strength with muscles.  If a guy has big muscles...he must be strong...right?  So people go to the gym and they target certain muscles...biceps for example.  Most guys in the gym want big biceps so they look "strong"...they hang out by the dumbbells and never think to learn complicated Barbell movements or Olympic lifts.. Who needs em?...right?  The answer to that question is...everyone needs them.  Young or old...fat or thin...people wanting to excel in sports as well as the everyday person that wants to be "fit"...no matter who you are...you can greatly benefit from working to improve your overall strength with a barbell and some plates.  

True strength is
not about how many inches around your bicep is or how sculpted your abs are.  Don't get me wrong...those things are not bad...but they are aesthetic.  It's okay to want to look good.  I do...but it's also important to be well rounded and strong.  

Strength is relative in my opinion.
What is strong for me, is not strong for Ronnie Coleman...and what's strong for Ronnie Coleman, is not strong for Mark Twight.

I've been doing Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program for a short time...(this is my 3rd week).  I'm not strictly following the schedule of ONLY 3 days a week of lifting.  I do Crossfit workouts in between, but I am doing the 5 specific lifts (alternating-3 each time as he has designated)...3 days a week.  I was skeptical that I could do as Coach Rippetoe says and increase my weight every time I lift...but I have...and it works!  I feel and get stronger each time.  Am I lifting crazy amounts of weight???  No...but I am improving upon what I have been able to do in the past...and that makes me really happy.  
Just because I'm making steady progress...it doesn't mean that this is easy. It's hard. My back is just aching right now after doing Back Squats, Presses, and Dead Lifts. My legs were shaking and my form went to s*** on my last couple of deadlifts, but I did it.

65 LBS X 5
75 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
115 LBS X 5
125 LBS X 5 X 3


45 LBS X 5
55 LBS X 5
65 LBS X 5
70 LBS X 5
74.4 LBS X 5 X 3


95 LBS X 5
135 LBS X 5
155 LBS X 5
185 LBS X 5
210 LBS X 5

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