Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 493...coLd aNd dEtErMiNeD...

It is freezing today...and when I say freezing...I mean it...literally and figuratively.  We are supposed to get some terrible ice storm.  It's been right around freezing temps with this crappy mist coming down all day.  I don't mind cold so much, but I do mind wet and dark.  

I woke up not knowing when exactly this storm would come.  I don't watch the news...it stresses me out...ignorance is bliss...and ignorance can leave one not knowing how to plan one's day.  So I decided to get kids to school and go straight to the grocery store, because we had nothing and I didn't want to be iced in (possibly) and hungry too.  I also wanted to workout after the store...before the ice storm.  I got groceries and headed to meet J at the gym for "Starting Strength".  He had to run to a store for a few minutes just up the street so I moved our racks into place and was about to warm up when my 7th grader called to say school was letting out early today.  

She still had a couple of hours, but she wanted me to just get her.  I first said, "No."...then...I thought I would just "get it over with".  I texted J "B back n 25."  I went and checked her out and then I thought..."I should just get the other two kids from Elementary school now too and be done with the school thing for the day."  I did.  The 25 minutes that I was gonna be gone, turned into almost an hour and a half after getting all 3 kids, stopping at Sonic, grabbing a bite to eat and heading back up to the gym.  I was determined that no matter what, I was going back to that gym and lifting some weight!  I got back just as J was leaving.  J was havin one of those days that we all have in the gym from time to time.  The kind where you just struggle and you eventually know it's time to just cut your losses for the day and start fresh tomorrow.

I warmed up and started my back squats.  I felt really strong.  I did 130 lbs...5 reps...for 3 sets...and it felt pretty easy.  I decided that rather than doing my regular worksets for shoulder press, I would do my 1 RM since that's what everyone else did yesterday.  Last time I did it, I think I got 80 or 85lbs.  I was really hoping to hit 100 today.  I got up to 95 lbs.  It was hard, but I felt I had more in me.  I tried 98lbs...FAIL.  I waited and tried 96 lbs...FAIL.  That was pretty disappointing to me, but I can't complain.  I did press more weight than last time.  I then did my power cleans.  I used 100 lbs for my 3 rep/5 worksets.  I'm a little frustrated because I keep "curling" the bar rather than letting it land in the right position...at the same time...I have to be happy about the fact that I couldn't even power clean 95 lbs one time a month ago.  I'll just keep on tryin to improve.  

So...I did it!  I was worried a few times that I may never make it to the gym, but I stayed determined...and I got there despite the weather.

45 LBS X 10
65 LBS X 5
95 LBS X 5
120 LBS X 5
130 LBS X 5 X 3

45 LBS X 10
65 LBS X 1
75 LBS X 1
85 LBS X 1
90 LBS X 1
95 LBS X 1
98 LBS X 1 (FAIL)
96 LBS X 1 (FAIL)
1 RM=95 LBS

75 LBS X 3 X 2
85 LBS X 3
95 LBS X 3
100 LBS X 3 X 5


Shorty said...

Eating at Sonic, eh? Hmmm....

MC said...

Yeah...it was a weak moment.. So much for those ABS! ha ha! Guess I better get to readin that orange book while we're frozen in this morning!