Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 349...sUrPriSe...

I woke up...tired. My husband asked me what I was doing as far as working out today. It went something like this...(him) "You working out with A?"...(me)"No, we haven't worked out since Monday."...(him)"Why not?"...(me)"I'm not sure. He's either been busy or hurt or...well I don't know...I'm really fighting the urge to think that he doesn't wanna workout with me anymore."...(him) "Did he say that?"...(me) "'s just a sense."...(him) "Don't assume or read anything into it."...(me) "I'm trying...hard. A told me that that is not true, so I'm choosing to believe him. It's just hard. I liked working out together. I miss it."...(me...a few minutes later) "What are you doing today?"...(him) "I need to learn push press for a workout I want to do next week." My ears perked up and I offered to teach him. He accepted. We gathered our kids up and headed to the gym.

As we turned the corner and got closer to the gym...I saw A's truck pull up to the gym. I was surprised. He trains K on Saturday, but they usually meet at the park. I got out of my car and went around back to open the door and turn off the alarm. As I came back around, A was lookin around his hello...good morning...or anything of the sort. I felt strange and he was surprised...not happy to see me. It was distinctly different than usual. I was glad that I was there to turn off the alarm. That would've sucked for them if he went in and the alarm was set. We went in and he began to set up for K and I had my husband go run to warm up.

A was kinda sarcastic with me...the whole time. Then he sat and told K stuff that he hasn't told me...loud enough for me to hear...pretty significant how he's trying to get his move to Israel he can leave sooner than originally planned. Wow...we talk almost EVERY day and he's never mentioned that to ME. =( We're friends for heaven's sake! He also told K how when he leaves, he'll give him his workout "gear"! I'd LOVE a tire to drag!) The sad part was that K didn't seemed too interested. I just thought..."Why wouldn't he offer anything to me?" I don't need "THINGS" in order to be friends with people. I'm all about giving. I've tried to always be a good friend to A. I've cared. I've listened. I've rearranged my schedule to that I could workout with HIM...because I WANTED to work out with him. I never asked for anything...just help working out...kindness. That's what I've gotten...what happened? What is going on? It made me kinda sad but I refused to let it show. I think I was more surprised than anything, because our interaction felt so strained. I probably shouldn't say these things, and I'm not tryin to "bag" on's just that I have to be able to express my feelings...somehow. Also, I feel safe seeing as he told me the other day that he doesn't read my blog anymore.

I taught my husband the push press. By the time my he was pretty comfortable with it, I was no longer in the mood to workout. I told him to just do what he would normally do. He started but his hamstrings were really sore...and starting to hurt and feel he wasn't able to finish his planned workout.

A got finished with K and got ready to leave. He told me that he would be training him (K) again on Tuesday if I wanted to workout with him afterwards. I said "Okay." I was surprised again that he was inviting me...surprised but happy. I hope that he really wants to workout with me...that he enjoys I enjoy working out with him. A left and me and my husband and kids "played". We climbed the rope...played on the rings...I even put my oldest daughter on the pull up bar with a band. I didn't think she could do a pull up...even assisted...but once again I was surprised. She banged out 5 chin ups! I was so proud of her. She is stronger than I thought...but she IS a it makes sense. I had fun helping my family do things they had never done in the gym. It made me a little happier.

So, today was NOTHING like I expected...but that's life right?...always full of surprises!

REST DAY...SORTA...(RUN 3.25 MILES-24:34)

.........My little "monkeys"..."MONKEY SEE...MONKEY DO!".........

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