Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 333...a REAL rEsT dAy...

A says I should did W...and J. I never do. Even on "rest days", I tend to do cardio. It's rare for me to take a REAL rest day...but today I am...resting...for real. I'm so tired. I put on jeans and a tee before going to the gym at 6AM, because I knew that if I wore workout clothes...I'd never make it. I "play" while I'm in between clients. I never think of it as working out...but some goes on for a long time...and it can be quite a workout in the end. Today one of my clients cancelled so I had extra time. I wanted to do stuff..but I didn't...all I did was mop the floor and then I had to leave so I could distract myself.


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