Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 336...i rOcKeD iT, bAbY!!!...

Today I went to the first day of the CrossFit Level 1 Certification at GSX Athletics in Fort Worth. As usual...I worried that I wouldn't be cute enough or strong enough or that I would somehow know less that EVERYONE else there. spite of those worries...I felt pretty calm on the drive over this morning.

I had NOTHING to worry about! Anyone who knows me well, knows I don't usually brag. I'm always hard on myself. Nothing I do is ever enough..for ME. However, I have to say that today...I ROCKED IT!!! When we were down in the gym going over the movements we talked about in the lectures...I heard, "Good M!" "Beautiful, M!" "That's what I like to see, M!" ...and that wasn't by one person...that was people that I respect their abilities...people like Jolie...Dutch...Dave. I WAS corrected on was using hook grip. I've never been taught the hook grip or used the hook grip...Dutch obliged. OMG! He is so cute in person! If only I was 10 yrs younger...single...about 4 inches shorter...Okay sorry! I am happily married!...I'm just sayin...okay never mind! Also to the boys at the gym that tease me about my "crazy" kip...I was told that I "have a beautiful kip" today! HA!

The coolest thing that happened was that we did a CrossFit benchmark workout called "Fran". I tried once to do it at the prescribed weight...65 lbs...but I failed. It's not that I couldn't do A SINGLE 65 lb was that I couldn't do 45 of them! So I started with a 45 lb bar and after a few...Dave Castro came over and said, "That's too easy for you...move to a 65 lb bar." I was FREAKING OUT!!! I did it though. He talked me through and I have to say it was easier than I thought. In fact I wasn't layin in the floor. I know I can beat my time! I did it in 8:24. That's slow by elite levels, but for me...with the prescribed weight...I am elated! When I was leaving, Dave told me I did a good job and gave me a high five! And it wasn't like a pitiful, fat girl, weak, I feel sorry for you high five. It was a good that says I CAN DO THIS!

WOW! It felt great to leave feeling proud. Lately, I've felt I can't do anything right. Today I learned that I'm not so bad. I needed that boost! I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

21, 15, 9


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