Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 343...tRy tRyiNg...

Sometimes...I can be the WORST about saying "can't". I was just saying the other day that the reason I don't do certain things...certain exercises is because I don't like "them". When asked why I don't like "them"...I replied, "Because I don't like anything that I'm not good at." Things seem so much clearer when writing. I mean...HELLO!...How will a person get better at anything or learn new skills without trying...even failing at times???

I'm a perfectionist...but the problem is that I'm not really naturally talented when it comes to working out. Anything that I get good at takes A LOT of practice. Some skills have come easier than others. I can squat. I can deadlift. Those things I can do pretty well...but a handstand...even against a ME that seems...impossible. Let's just say that the last time I was LESS than successful. J was helping me because I couldn't even get into a handstand position on the wall by myself. I kicked him in the face. He was mad. I haven't tried since. It's not HIS fault. It's because I know that it won't come easy. The poster above reminds me that I need to keep trying. The video below reminds me that possibilities are endless.'s to a week of TRYING...of DOING...of POSSIBILTIES.
--------------------------REST DAY (much needed!)------------------------

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