Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 324...tOO pOOpeD tO pArTy!...

I am so tired...done...spent...exhausted. The alarm rang at 4:30AM and I hopped into the shower...okay actually I walked slowly with hunched shoulders and only one eye open. Why on earth would I get up SO early? Well, I was covering the 6AM group class for J because he was on shift at the firehouse. Oh...and by the way..the makeup and hair is not about's about being up for enough time to actually be awake when folks start to arrive! Class was short...they were doing a test they had done previously to see if they had made improvements...and all of them made great improvements.

After class, I trained my sis and did a 30 minute Row so I could get my cardio out of the way before my 9:30 and 10:30 clients came in. Geez! Now I remember why I NEVER do 30 minutes on the Rowing Machine! I took at at an easy pace. I wasn't trying to be soaking wet with sweat or break any speed records...I just wanted to row at least 6000M and do it without stopping to catch my breath. Usually I go nuts and then in the end I don't go as far because I don't pace myself right. Well I made it...6,064M...the farthest I've ever rowed! I felt it in my lower back and in my quads.

My next two "girls" did great in their sessions, and I left to tan...bathe (AGAIN-can't handle that roasted turkey tan smell!!!)...grab lunch...and head to meet A so we could do some "heavy lifting" as he calls it. I was nervous. I've done this stuff before...kinda...a long time ago with W...but I'm pretty unfamiliar. My world has been all about "Crossfit style" workouts for a LONG time. I wanted to continue with that but also switch up my routine a bit. I want to be buff! Ha!...okay so then I woke up from that dream! Anyways...he called to say let's just meet at CF Mansfield and NOT UTA because he was tired of being up there. I was fine with that...I was pretty over looking at those 4 walls but it was good because there's less pressure with less people around.

We did strength work...I felt weak...unimpressive. A kept saying "You're doing an awesome job!" and reassuring me...but I think he just said those things because he's my friend and he was trying to be nice. He was very patient and taught me and gave me some good advice on form. I felt bad because I was so tired and it was really starting to show by mid afternoon. I wasn't the best "spotter", but he was very nice about it. I was quiet and slow. He was worried that I was mad...I reassured him that there is usually NO mistaking when I'm mad..that I was just really tired. I WANTED to be fun and pumped up...but I was just too pooped to party! Speaking of "being pumped"...he did get a giggle when he made his pumped up boobies...excuse me for me. His muscles were so pumped up that I swear his "boobs" were bigger than mine!!! Ha!

After we were done I was just slow muscles were killin me...not in a sore a total muscle fatigue don't wanna work anymore way. I NEEDED energy. I don't drink coffee...I knew a candy bar would stick with I found myself in the drive thru of Whataburger ordering a kid's size strawberry shake. That did the trick! I wasn't dancin around, but I was much more myself than before. Only prob...I STILL feel guilty about eating (it was thick...i practically had to chew!) that freakin shake! I went back to CF and read US weekly and Cosmo style until the 2 guys, S & D came in for the evening group class.

All I've thought about for hours is getting on my bed and watching my lame reality TV lineup for Mondays...Intervention...Project Runway...Date my Ex. Ugh! It's even worse when I see it written down. I fell asleep right before Jo went on her 2nd of 3 dates...woke up pissed that I missed it...stumbled out to find that all my kids were in bed and my husband was asleep upright on the water...woke him up and washed my face to get in bed. So,'s FINALLY the moment that I have dreamed of ALL DAY...time for bed!


FLOOR PRESS WORKING UP TO 5 REP MAX (this was new for me...basically a bench press on the floor)
45 X 20
55 X 15
65 X 10
75 X 5
85 X 5
90 X 5
100 X 5 (barely w/ a lil help from a friend)

1st = 9
2nd = 8

BENT BARBELL ROWS (I'd never done these with a big bar before) 95 LBS - 8 REPS
FACE PULLS WITH THE BAND - 20 REPS - (blue band)


30 MIN ROW (earlier in AM) 6064 M-334 CALORIES


Shorty said...

Ok girl, you told me I don't give myself enough credit so I'm throwing that right back at ya. You want to be buff? YOU ARE BUFF! I'm not quite sure how much more buff you want to get. I wish you all the best and hope you accomplish all of your goals, but you look like you're in great shape! Anyway, I enjoy your blog and hope we can workout again soon! -K

MC said...

You are SO sweet! I know...I'm incredibly hard on myself...gotta work on that! I definitely look forward to our next workout!