Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 347..."...i'M hOt, sTicKy sWeeT...fRoM mY hEaD tO mY fEEt!...yEaH!"

So as I was lying on the floor this morning making a lovely "sweat angel" on the mat...the title of today's post came to me. Actually, I heard it...blasting on the stereo. I never get sick of cheesy, rock songs from the 80s! I want to turn my back on it...and pretend that I didn't thoroughly enjoy the 80s...bad perm and all...but I can't. I don't listen to my "80s Rock Compilation" CD often...but when I do...I can't help but sing at the top of my lungs and dance. Who can sit still during "Rock You Like A Hurricane" or "Pour Some Sugar On Me"??? I can't...and seeing as I was a sweaty, hot mess lying on the floor...this title seemed quite appropriate!

My little sis and I worked out together...and I nearly KILLED us. I saw a cool WOD on the GSX site, but did I try it??? NOOOO. I decided to change it a bit. I took out rowing and put in running...outside...where it's still HOT. I also added an additional round. I was proud of my sister. The wall balls SUCKED but she stayed with me. We scaled her reps & rounds once we got into it, because it became clear on round 1 that this was gonna be tougher than anticipated. She kicked butt on the running...especially since she doesn't run. She did 3 rounds and I did 4. I decided to do the last one as fast as possible since she was waiting. I did 18 wall balls without breaking rhythm...lame by the standards of some...but great for ME. I knew I was fast because I left to run with "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest blasting and it was STILL goin when I got back. We stretched to "Pour Some Sugar On Me". I'm sure the old lady that works in the back was trying to figure out what the heck was goin on in there...especially since I was singin at the top of my lungs.

We had to eat something when we got back to my house because we were both shaky and nauseous. YEAH BABY! That means it was a good one. Yeah, I know...I'm a sicko. Next time you need a little motivation to workout...I suggest 80s rock tunes. It sure worked for me!


RUN 400 M
25 SIT UPS (VARY EACH ROUND -sprinter, v-ups, reverse crunch, anchored abmat)

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