Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 342...stOp tHe miSeRy wAgOn! i wAnT oFF!...

Do you ever feel that way?...sick of your life? Some days are just like wake want to have a good day...but stuff happens and it sets the tone for the rest of your day. Next thing you're taking a ride on what I like to call "the misery wagon"...and you're hatin life.

I got up this morning and a series of events happened that...well for the lack of a more intelligent word...sucked. I like to workout with other people. I'm very motivated when I do, because I want to beat whoever it is that I'm with. I was excited to go to the park and do stuff I like...flipping tires...draggin heavy stuff around. Plus, A was training K and I like him. He's fun to workout with. I started driving to the park...the park VERY far away...and before I knew it...I was lost. I couldn't remember the directions and I called A like a million times and he never answered. I was about ready to rip my hair out, so after using lots of gas and all my patience...I gave up and headed back the way I came...disappointed and frustrated and on the verge of tears.I went up to the gym...unlocked the door...and got ready to workout...ALONE. I did the WOD that J had his classes do yesterday. It was hard. I wished I had someone there to watch my form on the push jerks. I wondered if I was staying "in line". I was so tired when I was through. I hoped those lifts would get me out of my funk...but it was no use...I stayed right where I was...on the misery wagon. I went to the park...4 and a half miles should work it dice! After a ridiculous amount of phone tag...A got me on the phone.

He wasn't any happier than I was. Crap!..still on the misery wagon...except now I'm not alone. He said I didn't confirm that I was coming to the park. I explained that I thought asking for directions yesterday was a pretty good confirmation. He didn't agree. I wasn't really mad at him...I was really frustrated with the sequence of events...and it wasn't getting any better. I went to Chick Fil eat bad...more misery. I traded my kids meal toy for an ice cream cone...I said I was eating bad!...and the cute blonde gave me the tiniest, most pitiful cone you have EVER seen. The top wasn't even covered with ice cream. It seriously looked like a wasn't. I wanted to make a smart comment like..."Hey! Have a little ice cream with your cone!". I started to add it to my collection of crappy events, but I made a decision. The fact is...NO ONE put me on the misery wagon. I let things get to me and I stepped on...and stayed on by choice. I decided that being miserable wasn't going to help my day...and I realized that no one was going to rescue me from my misery or take my hand and help me I stopped the misery wagon and I got off. It felt good. The workout was done...I was no longer lost...and that pitiful excuse of an ice cream cone meant less guilt over eating it later. I feel relieved now. I'm so glad to be off the wagon.


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