Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 42...coolest running gadget EVER!!!...

Today was my 5K/ABS day. I had to go to the school to read to J's Kindergarten class, so I had to hurry and I didn't want to go to the gym and be slowed up or bugged by Mr. C. I decided to try out my new Under Armour "cold gear" and my cool, new "Nike +iPod" gadget. I set up my dressed...and started running. My foot was hurting so bad within 5 minutes, that I considered turning around...but it hurts all the I decided to keep going and hope that I could withstand the pain. As I turned onto the highway...running on the shoulder...I wondered what I was doing. After a few more minutes, I was feeling less winded...warmer...and my foot had actually gone numb.

I decided to keep going and try out my new gadget...I hit a button and suddenly a woman's voice told me how long I had been far I had gone...and how fast I was running. It was so cool. I would run faster and hit the button to see how fast my pace was. I got home and downloaded my workout information on the Nike website. It was great. I love that's the coolest running gadget EVER! I was so fascinated with it, that I forgot about the fact that it was cold and my foot hurt and I was running down a highway...out of breath. I loved it!

RUN - 4.54 MILES
38 MIN 12 SEC

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