Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day 20...sometimes you gotta iMpRovISe...

I'm a do the same thing...the same way...all the time kinda girl. I like direction. I ask alot of questions. In fact, if I have one complaint about my book of workouts, it would be that I should've asked for a list of alternate exercises. For example, if I don't want to do pushups several days in a row or my knees are really bad and I'm worried about jumping lunges...what else could I do instead that works the same muscles?...stuff like that. I'm not one for trying things new on a menu or improvising. Anywho.....I was suppossed to do 5K and ABS today, and another workout tomorrow, but I have an early Dr. appt. to check on my foot tomorrow, followed by a hair appt. (yea!)...soooo I thought it would be easier to switch today and tomorrow. This way, I can run early early tomorrow and do ABS at another time during the day if needed. There was one little problem. When I got to the gym, it was 9. I had planned on going right after I dropped the kids off at 8, but stopped at home to switch laundry and reschedule a dentist appt. and got caught up. The workout I switched for, had the bike at MAX intensity with Med ball slams again...just like yesterday. Oh crap...bad deja vu, but I can do it! prob! Here comes the little problem...there was a spinning class that wouldn't be done until 9:30 and it'd be 9:45 before they were all cleared out. That would leave me sitting around for at least 20 minutes and I didn't want to do that. I didn't want to do cardio first, because then I felt I would not be able to give the bike all I I decided to improvise. I did the beginning just as it was written and then instead of doing 2 min bike/ 2 min ball slams, I did 2 min of intense running (9.0 on treadmill) and went immediately back and did 2 min of ball slams. I did 3 rounds with no rest other than the time it took to walk back and forth and get started. I was SO exhausted and if people didn't think I was nuts before.....they do NOW! I had sweat flying off my face (my face that started out with pretty makeup and ended up bright red and sweaty with the veins on my temples bulging) when I would slam the Medicine Ball. Mr. C came back to make some silly remark like, "That's one way to get out your aggression...hee hee." I gave the courtesy, "Ahh ha ha...yes." and added, "You're Medicine Ball is broken." He promised to get me a new one. sweet. Anyway, it was not what was written, but it kicked my fat tan butt! WARNING...totally catty girl moment....As a funny side note...when I was getting off the treadmill for the last round, I noticed the black haired, bulky legged half of the evil step sisters talking to a man that I figured out is her husband. How funny! The ironies of life that keep it interesting! This is the same man that has followed me around and gawked at me for the entire week!...and this is the girl that stares and makes rude faces and makes fun of me to her other evil half! Maybe that's why she's so mean...her husband is lookin at everyone else BUT her. OK...I'm done being a "girl".... Anyways, after I got done scaring and annoying people with the ball slams, I was soaked and I needed a change of venue. I drove to the shady trail to run. I figured out that the short route (regular route W and I always did) is 2 miles total, which was plenty in my current condition. It is overcast and I was worried it would rain, but it held off for me. It wasn't terribly hot, but the humidity was a B*&^H! It was fun to cut loose and run at whatever pace I chose and just sweat like crazy with The Strokes blasting in my ears. I haven't had a good, drenching, outdoor workout sweat like that in 3 weeks and I loved it. It took me 20 minutes because I wasn't trying to push speed, especially since I'm running 5K tomorrow and I try to go fast those days. The concrete was hard and unforgiving to run on, but I really enjoyed myself. I was afraid that I would never go back to the shady trail alone, but I did...and I was OK. I am finally drying out and my back is feeling the effects of the Renegade Rows and I'm beat, but overall I feel good.

WEEK 3 / DAY 3
(5 min warmup)
21, 15, 9
(30 MIN)

(20 MIN)

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