Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 19...that bleepedy...bleep...bleep bike!

Well...I can't say I enjoyed today's workout. The first part was a breeze. I finished it in 10 min and that was because I took my time, but the last part was torture. I was just thinking yesterday about how strange it was to miss working out at "the compound". I mean come on!...crickets...a stinky boy bathroom...no A/C...flipping 250# tires...getting timed doing hellacious workouts...running around an industrial building with lots of strange men staring...but I DO miss it sometimes. There is one thing that I don't miss...one thing that I had forgotten about until today at the end of the second part of my workout...the dreaded...unforgiving...horrible...unrelenting device of torture also known as the Airdyne bike. No, I didn't ride an Airdyne today until my body felt like it would shut down from pain...No, I didn't go back to "the compound"...No, I didn't ride that evil device with sweat not just dripping, but pouring off me in the heat of a garage, with someone yelling, "Don't you stop!" when I feel like I'm gonna die. Instead, I got on the spinning bike and per the instructions left me, turned it up to MAX intensity and rode without stopping for 2 minutes...followed by a fun filled 2 minutes of 10# medicine ball slams. OMG!!! It was awful! I had fans overhead...I was in a clean, air conditioned gym...and still I suffered like I didn't expect to suffer. Sometimes, I wanted to scream, "JUST SHUT UP!!!" when W would yell over the top of that noisy device..."encouraging" me to keep going. It was always such a desperate feeling, because I would be hurting and tired and unwilling to stop...sometimes I was even being timed to see how many calories I could burn compared to the boot camp class and I couldn't let anyone else beat me! Today, I realized what a gift that sometimes annoying "encouragement" was. I worked HARD...didn't stop...turned it up and didn't cheat, but I know I could've gone faster...stronger...if I was back on that Airdyne...in a hot garage with black walls...sweating my butt off...hearing those words-"You got it! Keep going!". It didn't make me sad or lonesome...it just made me stop and think about the irony of it all. Why don't we ever appreciate what we have when we're in the moment????? I guess that's why they say, you have to taste the bitter, to appreciate the sweet. My word!... that was a weird, HARD one today...........

WEEK 3 / DAY 2
(warm up 5 min crosstrainer)
21, 17, 14
(10 MIN to complete)

(20 MIN to complete)
(I didn't know if it was total 2min / 1 min each or 4 min total / 2min each-when in doubt...I always do more rather than less, so I did 2min bike-2min slams for 3 rounds...with a little rest in between each round that I took lying down on the floor...with a towel on my face...convincing myself that I really could get up and do it again!)


After...I limped to my car...really...still hating that bleepedy...bleep...bleep bike...but loving that I didn't stop...didn't cheat...made it through...by myself!

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