Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day good

I was wet...steamy hot...It felt so good. I didn't want to stop. Sounds like a late night Cinemax movie...but it was just a run. I got up ready to go to the gym for my 5K and ABS day. I didn't have time to get dressed before I took my kids to their schools, so I took them in my PJs and then headed home to change. As I drove home, I was filled with dread. I didn't want to go to Century...I didn't want to see the same people I see everyday at the same time...I didn't want to get on a treadmill and run as fast as I can towards a hamster on a wheel. I thought about running on the trail or on the highway, but it was misty...wet. I never run in the rain. "Dang it!" I thought, "I'm gonna HAVE to go to the gym. What a bummer..." I changed, started a load of laundry, and grabbed my ipod. Screw's barely misting and I won't melt! I put saran wrap over my ipod, so it wouldn't get ruined if it got wet, and headed out for a morning run...hoping it wouldn't turn out to be one of those miserable runs that never gets any better. It was so humid, but the mist had stopped. From the moment I took my first was so good...pure satisfaction. I was strong and I never felt winded or tired. The only complaint was the humidity and the continual stream of sweat running down my face. I never hit a wall. I never wanted to stop. I never had to dig deep or talk myself through the pain. I felt as if I could run forever. When I got home after 4 miles, I realized how hard I fast I hard I pushed. It felt so good while I was going, but once I stopped, I was hot and tired...worn out. I showered and tried to cool off. My hips are so sore from pushing off so hard and fast and forcing myself up hills at a fast pace, but I'm so glad that I took a chance and did something that I normally wouldn't do. It was a great run...the kind that makes me want to keep running even when it's miserable, because I never know when I'll have a run like I did today. It was wet. I was hot and sweaty. I had such a good run.

WEEK 5 / DAY 3

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