Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 38...38 on day 38!

Well, I always feel the need to write SOMETHING everyday...even on my "rest" days...which always fall on Sunday. 38...I am's my birthday. I've had a really nice day. I was woken up with a kiss from my sweet boy that shares my birthday and a huge breakfast...ready and waiting on the table. Me and J blew out candles in our cinnamon rolls and opened presents. I got the kettle bells I asked for and some awesome Under Armour cold gear for when I run in the winter. Last night my sister and I went to dinner and a movie and had so much fun. I really appreciated it. Soon we'll be headed over to my Mom's house for more celebration.

I have hated the thought of getting "old" since I was a preteen. I hate the effects of gravity on the face and body. I hate being called Maam by young people. I hate wrinkles. I will not grow old gracefully! I plan to fight it every step of the way...I pray that I don't end up looking like Joan Rivers...but I plan to fight it and take the risk anyway. The funny part is that I don't feel old. Everyone always says that...but I don't. Physically, I am in the best shape of my life...yeah there's a few things that are starting to be a little looser or a little lower than when I was 25, but I am stronger and my shape is the best it's been.

Soooo, while I HATE getting older, I would be an ungrateful brat if I didn't say that...even though I can't turn back the clock...eventhough my oldest daughter says that I'm "so 80s"...eventhough I have wrinkles...I AM thankful to be a year older and wiser and stronger. I'm thankful for the days in the sun and the wisdom I've gained making those wrinkles on my face. I'm thankful that I'm old enough to appreciate what really relationship with the Lord. I'm thankful that there are still a few polite young people that still have enough respect to call me Maam (even if it does make me feel a hundred years old!). I'm thankful that I am strong and fit and that eventhough I have wrinkles on my body doesn't look it's age! So, while today I'm "resting" and eating fried chicken and apple pie and celebrating...tomorrow I'll be back in the gym...workin hard to keep my body younger than my years!


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