Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 22...destructo maniac...

Well, today was...errrr...interesting to say the least. I went in to the gym, warmed up, and did the first part of my workout in about 6 minutes. I moved on to the room with spinning bikes so I could do the bike at max intensity and medicine ball slams. As I mentioned the other day, the 10# Medicine Ball is cracked on one side. It was not on the rack, so I grabbed the 8# one and went to work. I struggled through the first 2 minute round on the bike, got off and started slamming the medicine ball. About 3 seconds into it, Mr. C bursts in the room and catches the ball in mid air right before it got to my hands, looks at me...mind you, he's sweaty because he jumped off the elliptical and ran back there when he saw me...and he says, "You're gonna have to find another game to play!" with a smug smile on his hideous face. He proceeded to tell me that he contacted the manufacturer and that they said that "medicine balls are not intended to slam on the floor...yada yada's a trend...personal trainers get on kicks and then people follow suit...whatever whatever..." I'm thinking..."Why do they sell Medicine balls that bounce and why are there so many sites that list medicine ball slams as a good medicine ball exercise???"...I didn't want to argue with someone with a double digit I.Q. I was like okay I guess I'll just swing a 15# DB for 2 min. I didn't know what else to do. Then he makes some snide comment about how he's gotta watch out for other people that might do it too. I said, "Uhhh...I think I'm the ONLY person here that does that!" He quips back, "Ohh...haha...You invented the exercise?!?" I retorted, "No, but I'm one of the few people that doesn't work out strictly on machines and I don't work out at a snail's pace either. Whether you're talking exercises or intensity, either way, no one else works out like me here. I probably broke your ball!" and I walked off to get a DB. The stupid medicine ball wasn't the only ball I wanted to break...I wanted to kick him in his! HOW RUDE! I was really embarrassed. He made a scene and then when I came out of the room, he had taken the 8# ball I was slamming and put it up. I guess he was afraid I'd sneak out and break it too since I'm apparently such a destructo maniac!!! I did my cardio and left thinking "WOW...this guy has hardly any patrons left. 24 hour fitness across the street is running him out of business and this is how he treats me...a loyal patron of a long time that prepays the full amount due everytime I reup my membership. Nice." I don't even know how I did on the workout or how I felt after my little chat with Mr. C. I just know I finished it and tried hard.

WEEK 3 / DAY 5
(warm up-5min)
RDL #50 (I upped it to 60 b/c it felt too easy)
SEATED ROWS 50# (again, I uped it to 65 for the same reason)
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
MEDICINE BALL SLAMS (I just did 2 min of 15# DB swings)
(30 MIN)

30 MIN ON ELLIPTICAL (no hands)
I wasn't in the mood for stretching and I'm sure I'll regret that later...


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