Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 24...adapting...

Mark Twight says, "THE MIND AND BODY ADAPT TO BOTH COMFORT AND DEPRIVATION...". I think that's true of every aspect of human life. We are made to survive and adapt. Yesterday, it was strange for me to go from judgemental, unkind stares at the gym, to receiving compliments and kind words. My mind had adapted to being deprived of positive reinforcement over the last 3 weeks. I didn't even realize it, because I slowly just got used to it. In the beginning of my relationship with my trainer, it was hard for me to adapt to positive reinforcement and encouragement..."comfort" if you will. I always thought it was a joke or a lie. It wasn't until I learned to trust and I adapted to the mindset of "I CAN!" that I started to believe and appreciate the encouragement and compliments that I received. I stopped discounting them and started allowing them to build me up. I truly believe that because we have the ability to adapt to our environment that we should be careful about what kind of environment we put ourselves in. We should surround ourselves with people that build us up...not those that drag us down. We should choose friends that help us be the best we can be...not those that tell us we can't. We are going to adapt no matter what, so why not adapt to people and things that help make us great?


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