Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 25...where there's a WILL there's a way...

I was so nervous that I might have a run in with Mr. C today. I decided that if he doesn't want me to do medicine ball slams with his precious balls, that I would just bring my own. They say, "where there's a will, there's a way". We'll see about that. I want to order a really good, indestructible medicine ball, but I bought a Nike medicine ball on Saturday at Sports Authority for the time being. Mr. C has such an ego, and he is "not the sharpest tack in the box", so I was afraid that he would freak out on me in front of everyone when I showed up determined to do what he told me that I couldn't do. I decided that rather take the in your face approach that I wanted to take, that I would take the kinder...gentler...sweet girl approach and hope he was dumb enough to buy it. I walked in with my ball under my arm and my book of workouts in the other hand thinking I hope I'm ready for this. Let's see...cute, tight workout outfit? check! perfect makeup? check! sweet girly smile? check! Now that I'm using everything that I find ridiculous...I'm ready. I walked in front of his elliptical and said, "Good Morning! ( Do you mind if I use my own ball to do medicine ball slams? I wanted to ask, because I know that this is YOUR gym and I wanted to give you the respect of asking your permission. (gag...try not to laugh...keep smiling)." He was caught off guard and smiled and said, "Yeah, that's fine...just use it in one of those back rooms...ok?" I smiled and said, "Thank you so much. I really appreciate it." Whew! I was so glad to be done with that. I still have a sneaky suspicion that he's gonna ban ball slams altogether at some point. He was just caught off guard today. Whatever...I took care of today...I'll face that possibility when it arises.

I LOVED today's workout. It kinda reminded me of when I use to do Plyometrics on Tuesdays (a long time ago) with W. I didn't take any breaks other than a few seconds here and there when I couldn't keep going and needed to catch my breath. I was winded the entire time, exhausted, and sweating like crazy. It was awesome! I love that because I KNOW I'm really working and accomplishing something. Today was a great day!

WEEK 4 / DAY 1

(warm up-2 min jump rope, arm circles, high knees, etc.)
20 X DB SWING 30#
20 X PUSH PRESS 20# (didn't know if this meant 2 20# DB or 20# bar...20# bar too light...used 30# bar w/o any trouble)
20 X SQUAT 45#
RUN .25 MILES (8.5 on treadmill)

I was tired, my kids were home for a school holiday today, and they were calling me. I just decided to walk as fast as I could for 10 more minutes, stretched, and sped home

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