Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 31...resting and REcommitting...

Another week...another day of rest... As I sat and looked over my workouts for this coming week, I thought about how bad I've been feeling about my scared I'm feeling. I am so worried, because I just don't want to be complacent and wake up fat again. I don't want 2 lbs to become 5 become 10 become 25 lbs...etc. etc. etc. That's how it happens. Noone plans to get fat, it just happens slowly. I've worked too hard to get lazy now. Being fat was miserable and I can't go back there. I workout hard and I never give up or cheat when it comes to exercise, but I have been slipping where my diet is concerned. My clothes all fit the same, but I know my body and it has been and can be better...tighter...more defined...leaner. I've been doing alot of stressing and whining and panicing. I've decided that what I need to do is recommit to taking care of my recommit to building myself up instead of cutting myself get back to the basics. I am going to start keeping a food journal again and making better choices. I will not allow my fears and weaknesses to control me and my choices. I am committing today to stop being controlled by the possibility of being fat again and be IN control from today on.


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