Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 169...PRE LIVES...

"Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it." -Steve Prefontaine

I love to run. I'm not really talented and I'm not very fast, but I still love to run. One of the things that I miss the most when I can't the same reason that I love to run. I love the feeling of control over my body. I love that when my legs want to stop and my lungs cry for more air, I can ignore them. When I want to slow down, I can MAKE myself go faster. When it starts to hurt, I can run through the pain.

One of the greatest middle distance runners ever was Steve Prefontaine. I really like the movie, "Without Limits". There are many memorable quotes from this movie, but the one that really struck me as I was watching it again the other day was when Pre says, "I can endure more pain than anyone you've ever met. That's why I can beat anyone I've ever met." The ability to embrace pain and live in it...and use it...can make all the difference when a person is working out.

I use to be a pain wimp, but I'm not anymore. W helped me learn how to accept pain and not be afraid of the "pain monster" (as he once called it). He never let me limit myself...and little by little...I learned not to fear it. You see, I think that people mistake fear for pain all the time. Pain doesn't always have to be bad. Pain is not to be is to be respected and used to help us gain more discipline...control...and strength.

PRE may have died way before his time...but a part of him can live on in each of us...if we are willing to bear a little pain.


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