Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 192...sUcKin WiNd...

Today was a challenge. I don't know what exactly I expected out of today...but I didn't expect what I got. J had me do "MAX REPS" for time...3 separate exercises...5 rounds. The clock never stopped. The jury is still out on whether or not I knew that the first round...but it doesn't really matter. I was supposed to just go for as long as I could (as many reps as I could do w/o rest) and then move to the next exercise and then the next one and start all over again when I completed the three...5 times.

My mental focus wasn't very good and my determination left something to be desired. I'm spoiled. I don't appreciate what I have. Maybe that's why I had to go through this trial with surgery and taking time off...maybe it was to re inspire help me appreciate what I have. I work so hard. I don't think anyone would call the way I workout "easy"...BUT...I think it was hard for me to push today...because I'm used to it coming "easy" in a way. I took my endurance and strength and conditioning for granted. Now that it's gone...I recognize it and I miss it.

The last of the 3 exercises in each round was a half mile run (outside around the parking lot twice). I've run for years, but it was HARD today. I took off fast like I USED to run and it nearly killed me the first round. My lungs were burning...and I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen despite the fact that I was sucking in air as fast and hard as I could. Towards the felt like I was made me feel a bit panicked. In fact, I kept coughing on the way home from the gym. My chest feels weird and I have that feeling like you are about to cough, but holding back. My lungs feel almost irritated from how hard and inefficiently I was suckin wind while I ran.

J did a great job encouraging me. I SO wanted to stop and walk behind the building, but I knew he was waiting to cheer me on as I came around the front of the building and I didn't want to let him down. We both knew I could do better, but he never made me feel like a failure...he just kept reminding me that I could do it...and so...I did.

Today was great, but next time...I'll do better. I'll get more reps...I'll go faster and harder...painful or not. It was a hard workout...stressful on my body and mind, but I did it...and as sick as it may sound...I LOVED every minute of it.

65 LB BENCH PRESS (16-15-13-13-10)
JUMPING PULL UPS (15-14-15-16-20)
800 METER RUN (1/2 MILE)


(just TOO tired)

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