Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 177...ReLieVeD tO rEst...

I was so begin working out again this week. I'm still not able to really do what I love. I have to go at a much slower pace and at a much lower resistance. I love intensity. I love the pain of pushing myself. I love the feeling of relief and accomplishment that I feel when I do more than I thought I could. So, I had to lower my expectations and be happy that I could do SOMETHING. I was...happy...I felt stronger and more "normal"...until yesterday. I did something yesterday that obviously "strained" my ABs. I was very uncomfortable during and after dinner last night. The right side of my lower belly was sore and tender when I went to bed. I felt nervous. I really am trying to do what the doctor says, because I want to be better...not prolong my recovery. I feel better today, but I am still really sore on one side and it looks a little swollen on the same side. So...while I was relieved to workout again this'm relieved to rest.


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