Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 176...jUst wHeN i tHouGHt i hAd iT...

Just when I thought that I was feeling strong..that I could bump up to the next body decides to disagree.

I went out last night and ate a really "rich" meal and I was regretting it during the movie after maybe it was the after effects of that bloody steak or that fried appetizer or the heavy salad dressing that I usually don't eat. Maybe it was because I moved the elliptical up yet another level of resistance...maybe a combination of the two...I dunno...but I struggled with cardio today.

I kept feeling really sick to my I was about to throw up at any minute. I usually just push through, but it was a real uphill battle this afternoon. I finally had to give in after 30 my upper body work...and then finish the other 15 minutes of cardio I wanted to do at a lower resistance.

I'm a little worried. My stomach is feeling kind of strained on one side. I thought I was being careful. I don't know what to do. I guess it's a good thing that tomorrow is rest day. I just want to be better...

30 MIN ELLIPTICAL (3rd level resistance)
15 "CONCENTRATION" CURLS (alternating-elbow resting on knee-curling up and turning in with a squeeze at the top)
15 SHOULDER PRESS (seated - 8lb DBs)
25 CLOSE GRIP TRICEP PRESS (lying on bench using an 18 lb weighted bar)
25 BICEP CURL (standing using 18lb. weighted bar)
15 SEATED REAR LATERAL DB RAISE (seated with chest against thighs-arms in a hugging position under legs-pulling up and out while keeping chest against thighs - 5lb DBs)
(1st level resistance)

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