Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 184...rEsTiNg iN pIeCeS...

We've all heard the expression, "Rest In Peace". Well, today, I feel like I'm resting in PIECES! I'm sore...really sore. My short little workout yesterday made me wakeup sore...ALL OVER. My biceps... shoulders... abs... hips... quads... they are all delivering an ache...a constant reminder of the fact that I will regain my strength, but it won't come easy or free.

I looked forward to working out with J again this week, but that won't be happening AT LEAST until the end of the week. I have to was disappointing yesterday when he told me that he wanted to wait until my doctor releases me after my appointment on Thursday. My doctor released me 2 weeks ago with strict limitations...each week I get to do a little more.

I'm tired of figuring it out. I felt safe when I came back last time and W was there to ease me back into it. He was careful with me. He scaled everything back and worked me like a "normal" person instead of a beast. It was weeks before we started doing fast paced, timed tests again. He worked me on machines and with "traditional" weight training. He was careful, but confident. I'm afraid J just wants to wait and then start right back where I left off. That is hard. I guess I thought he would be excited for me to come his hesitation was unexpected.

I guess I'll just drag my aching body out of bed tomorrow and do the best I can on my own. I can do it...and I can do it well. I just have to make a plan...and do the best I can. Until then, I'm glad to be pieces.


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