Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 179...i'M bAcK...

It's always interesting...the first time back at the gym..after a little...or a LOT...of time off. I love how rumors get started...people get curious. I love to sit back and see who will say something...and who will stare...who will pretend not to notice that I've been gone for a month...ME...the girl that is there EVERY day...6 days a week...for a minimum of 2hrs usually. It's a fun experiment in human behavior.

I came in...feeling nervous...conspicuous...waiting for the first time I have to "explain". As soon as I got on the elliptical, a girl that lives around the corner from me called out my name and asked how my foot is doing. This girl and I know each other's names, but we are just aquaintances...not close or what I would call a friend. I internally giggled and thought, "Oh this will be fun! Here we go!" I said, "My foot is great. I was all done with my injections a couple of months ago and it's been great..pain free." She says, "But what about your foot surgery? My daughter said she saw your daughter's best friend at the ice cream place and SHE said you had foot surgery." Ahhh...the joys of a small town! I said, "No. I had a private issue that needed surgery, but it was nowhere near my foot. (wink wink)"...and I smiled. She went around in circles, stumbling over her words, and then tried to redeem herself with the old standby that women use..."Well, even after all this time off... you still look great!" I'd be lying if I didn't say that I kind of enjoyed watching her squirm. I thanked her and made my first mental scratch on the bedpost. One down...who knows how many more to go. Not 5 minutes later, a lady that I go to church with...one that always knows what's going on with EVERYBODY...came over to say "hi" and try to mine for some info. No such luck, babe! When she realized that I was being nice, but that she wasn't going to get any juicy gossip...she excused herself and left. R, the trainer, came over to shake my hand...literally...and say, "Welcome Back!". J, another trainer (not mine) acted like he didn't see me. His wife looked disappointed to see me. F looked like he'd seen a ghost as I walked past the desk on my way out the door. I love seeing people's reflections in the mirror behind me! IT'S GOLDEN!

All in all, it was a good experience going back. I'm not in pain. Although I don't know how I could be when I'm just chuggin along with barely any resistance or incline on the elliptical. I did not do any upper body weights, because honestly...I was afraid to. I went to bed in tears last night, because my belly was bothering me and I was scared I had screwed something up. Better safe than sorry! Fat and flabby...but safe! I'm glad I got my first day back...sorta...out of the way. Everything will get back to normal in another week or two.


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