Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 167...oNlY iN mY dAyDrEaMs...

I'm feeling a bit obsessive...not that unusual for me...that's how I am in most aspects of my's full throttle all the time or not budging an inch. Today, however, I feel like a workout stalker. All I want to do is watch Crossfit videos...look at the Gym Jones workout blogs...etc. I can't workout myself so I think about it...immerse myself in it. I daydream about medicine balls and running trails and using my new plyo boxes. I'm reading a great book right now, but I put it down throughout the day to read bits and pieces of a book by Mark Twight called "Extreme Alpinism - Climbing Light, Fast, and High". I even use an orange highlighter to highlight any quotes or passages that I really like. How weird is that?!?

I am not a mountain climber and really have no desire to climb, but there are interesting training tips and tools that can cross over into other athletic endeavors. More importantly, I just love to read MT's rantings and philosophies. He may seem elitist to some, but I say...when you are one of those athletes that has worked to become one of "the elite"...who has sacrificed for it...and almost died for it like he have earned the RIGHT to say what you want. My opinion is that it's not really cocky if you can back it up with action. Mark Twight doesn't just "talk the talk"...he "walks the walk". One of the lines I highlighted yesterday says, " In every endeavor, people who concentrate and refuse to quit become the elite." Now, those are some words of inspiration!

So, I can't lift a weight, or run 3 miles, or swing a sledgehammer, or slam a medicine ball, or flip a tire...but I CAN dream about it and that's what I will continue to do until I'm back at it myself!


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