Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 382...oNe oF tHe bOyS...

Sometimes my life feels like I'm stuck in my own version of a show called "MY BOYS". The strange part is that I think I almost prefer it that way...and not for reasons that most women might think. It is not because I get special treatment...or attention. It's not because I'm trying to "hook up" or show off for my VERY FEW woman friends. It's because somedays I feel the most at "home"...the most "myself" the gym...with "my boys". Wednesday was no exception.

I was a little stressed because I had A LOT to do before leaving for Montana...packing...driving all the way to Nordstrom to pick up the most fabulous pair of jeans I had clients...and finding some time in there to be a wife and Mom and to squeeze in my OWN workout. I covered the 6AM class. Normally...J chooses the workout for his group classes and I just execute them and coach his "people" along while watching their form. Very rarely...he asks me to program their workout...and so I did. I also trained my one on one clients using the same workout.

After I trained JE at 4...I changed so that I could workout around 5. I got to talkin...etc...and next thing I knew it was time for the 5:30 PM group class...all guys. I asked if I could join them and try out my own "creation". They obliged...J decided to workout too. So, it was me, J, R, and new guy R. I was feelin pressure...afraid they would smoke me...I wanted to win. At the start we were all neck and neck...soon R started to pull out in front of us all...I refused to let him "out of my sights"...even if it was killin me at times. It turned out to be a great workout...and I came in less than a minute behind R...2nd place. I'll take it!

I was thinkin about how funny it world filled with boys...especially since I'm far from masculine...wondering why I prefer their company over a bunch of sweet smellin girls sittin around a table scrap booking. Those guys let me be me. I'm sure at times I annoy them. I know at times they think I'm crazy. I'm sure sometimes they are just ALLOWING me to hang with them...but I also know that I make them laugh and they do the same for me. We provide each other with the motivation to go a little faster and lift a little more in our workouts. I just like those guys and I'm so glad that every now and then, I get to be "one of the boys".

20 PUSH PRESS (45 W/65 M)
30 KB SWINGS (35 W/44 M)
3 ROUNDS (16:37)

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