Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 402...i'M oLDeR aNd sTRoNgeR...

Today is my 39th birthday! I feel so old. I cringe at pics of myself...I worry about every line...every place on my face that use to be plumped with fat when I was young that is now sunken...every bit of loose skin...I could go on and on. I really have to keep myself in check because at times I want to run to a plastic surgeon and say "GIMME A FACE LIFT...NOW!". I'm 39!!! That's crazy!

At the same time...I'm healthy. I have a great family and a comfortable life. I don't have a lot of friends...but the friends I have are THE BEST! I woke up happy and I have been happy ALL day. Sometimes, I worry or feel forgotten...unimportant...today my friends, family, and loved ones reminded me that I am NOT forgotten. So...I went for a run...because that's one of my favorite things...and THAT'S what a girl should do on her birthday...her favorite thing! Then I had lunch with my son that shares my birthday. Afterwards it was my turn to have a birthday lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant with my Mom and sis. When we were done, I went to get my nails done before going to work to cover J's class.

I got to the class. Those guys were gonna do the same workout he and I did yesterday. I was nervous and curious to see how I would match up when all the "scores" were in. I wasn't sure I could take crushing defeat, but I was okay if it happened. The guys got started...and they did a great job. AND...in the end...J and I did the most rounds! WHAT?!? I felt so strong! I decided that I may be older...I may have wrinkles...everything may not sit as high as it once did...but I AM STRONG!BIRTHDAY RUN = 5 MILES


s said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great day. I just wish I could've been there with you. Let me know if you need help on Saturday, if it's Jake's party. Happy Birthday & I'm so lucky to have you as a sister AND friend! s

Shorty said...

Happy Birthday to you, my friend! It's going to be an awesome year!