Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 124...bRuiSEd, buT nOt bRoKEn....

Today was hard. After printing out my list to take to the gym, I was confident that it wouldn't be too bad...or take too long..especially since I was on my own. I don't like to rest in between exercises when I'm alone. I go non stop...full throttle, because I hate the crazy stares I get. I was wrong...I struggled and it seemed to take forever to finish!

As soon as I started with the rope pulls, my hands were on fire...they feel like they're practically blistered from my fingers to my palms. I just tried to ignore it. To add insult to injury, my forearms feel sore and bruised from me letting the KB hit them over and over again doing snatches last night. WAAA! I could go on and on with my whining, but I won't. The point's hard to workout at night and turn around and workout the next morning...and I was hurting...and it was hard...BUT...I was determined to NOT cheat and do EVERYTHING on the list as best I could. That's what I did. It wasn't pretty or perfect, but I gutted it out and survived. I coulda wussed out and given up. I was alone. I was only accountable to me.

Eventhough, it was hard...and I was tired...and I was feeling physically beat up...I did every rep...every set. I'm so glad that I didn't cheat myself out of a great workout. I might be blistered and bruised, but I'm not broken.


Tricep press with rope 20reps-Hold for 2 count at the bottom.
(3 sets)
Close grip Tri Press 40lb/ 25r/ (4 sets)

Dead Lifts 65 lb straight bar 25reps
Burpee w/push up and jumping pull up 25reps
Rope pull from stting position 5reps
Bike for 3 minutes fast pace medium resistance
Repeat circuit 3 times

only had time for 10 extra minutes on the bike before I had to leave

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