Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day's a perfect day for a run...

My hip has been really hurting. I'm not sure what I did, but it's been very sore even when I am just walking around throughout the day. It was feeling better yesterday before and right after my workout, but towards the was bothering me again. This morning I woke up SO late...9:30! I feel like I have no gym. I SO don't wanna go to 24HR FITNESS, but I never feel like I can go to Utopia without J, because HE paid my membership's like I'm HIS guest. He says that's not true...that I can go whenever I want, but it feels awkward. I need to get over that stupid crap. I laid around trying to decide what I would do...feeling sorry for myself while I was at it...waah. I made some eggs and decided that although my hip was hurting and I knew I shouldn't aggravate it by running...I couldn't resist. I felt the sun coming through the blinds and I knew that days like this, don't come often in January. It was upper 60s and a beautiful sunny day...a perfect day for a run. I just couldn't waste it. I tanned and then went straight to the trail to run. It was fabulous. There was breeze and sun. I was hot, but not too hot. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire 5 miles. My hip bothered me and still is, but it was worth the pain. I even went on the dirt trail that goes through the trees...the one that W and I used to run on. I haven't ever done that alone, and while it wasn't as fun was still a lot of fun! Today was the perfect day to run!

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