Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 116...a dorky girl...a medicine ball...some mud...and the woods

Well, today I really did it...AGAIN! I am...the biggest dork ever. I'm sure it is such a disappointment. I come across so tough...so together and confident...and then it happens...I have one of those days...those moments when someone that I want to like me realizes exactly how awkward...how dorky I am. Today was one of those days when I had one of those moments...

I went to the park with my new trainer this morning. We had a great workout. I loved it. We worked out together side by side. We were running around and jumping. We used the monkey bars for pullups and climbed the "fireman's pole". It was so fun. At the very end, my trainer, J, decided that we would play "a game". He would throw the 15 pound medicine ball and I would "fetch it" and throw back anywhere I wanted. He would run to it and throw it again. The whole point was that you never know where the ball will land so you are chasing it down and then exerting yourself afterwards by throwing this heavy ball with handles. This is a pretty simple concept...for MOST people.

You see...there were 6 levels separated by 5 steps, with grass on each level that went down to a concrete circular area. Because of this, the ball could land higher or lower...side to side...anywhere. The people that know and love me know that you never want to give me a ball or ANY object for that matter and tell me to throw it. At some point, an accident is bound to happen. Things started out okay and then somehow I ended up higher and J was lower. I threw the ball with everything I had towards the bottom. I was pumped...ready to make him run...and THEN...I see the ball hit the bottom concrete and continue to roll...off the concrete...onto the muddy ground..and into the edge of the woodsy area. OH CRAP! It was like I was laughing and then it went into slow motion. I felt like Greg Focker in "Meet The Parents" when he finally hits the volleyball and starts to celebrate and then realizes he's hit someone in the face. J was a good sport...never was mean or mad...although I'm sure he wanted to kill me. He was like "OH!" and went to "fetch" his ball that was across the mud...with new shoes on. He tried to walk softly on the muddy ground and made it to the edge of the trees and weeds. I felt so bad, but every time I looked...I laughed. I was so embarrassed...embarrassed at my poor aim...embarrassed by what a dork I am...embarrassed that I couldn't quit laughing.

We finished the "game"...the one I SUCK at! and got ready to pack up and leave. I was talking to him when I looked over and I saw 3 big scratches on his arm...bleeding. Clueless as usual, I said, "What did you do to your arm?" He calmly replied, "I thought I felt that." Then I realized that when he was in the "brush"...getting his ball...the one I threw...the dry weeds scratched him. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Looking back, it was funny...for me anyways. I'm lucky that J is so nice and patient and I hope he is forgiving. I bet he'll never play that game with ME again! Now he knows what happens when you mix a dorky girl...a heavy ball...muddy ground...and the woods! Poor guy, he has no idea what he's done taking me on...

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