Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 122...experimenting...

Today was...different...not bad...not unenjoyable...just different. J had me meet him at Spirals gymnastics to workout. It was kind of an experiment to see what we could do there. My kids took gymnastics there when they were very little, but I haven't been there in years, so I couldn't remember exactly what all was there. J told me that there is a rope and a climbing wall and all the other regular "gymnasticky" type stuff like beams. I would be lying if I was to say I wasn't nervous...a little distressed even. I knew it could be fun if I would be open...if I would try...if I would just go with it. The problem is...I don't ever...just go with it...but I did the best I could.

It is so weird...I'm not sure I tried for me. I didn't want to disappoint my trainer. It seems like it's easier for me to try to please other people than it is for me to do things for myself. I knew he was excited by the possibility there and I was's just that...I was worried that I would fail miserably. It was hard for me to relax at first. I felt very...hesitant. I knew I was stiff, but I did my best to act as "normal" as possible.

It took quite a while to get set up, to figure out how we could use what was there, and to get started. I was thinking, "I'm not so sure this was a good idea." Everything was miniature...kid we had to find a way to make it work...and we did...actually HE did. J wrote the exercises on the white board, and I got started. After a short while, J started behind me...soon he was caught up to me. I was freezing when I got in there, but a couple of minutes into the circuit, I was warmed up and shedding my long sleeved shirt. There were parts that were surprisingly hard...but I think the hardest for me was the "left/right jumps" back and forth over two different beams. They were high and I was scared I would fall...and guess what???...I did...more than once. I would fly over with such force and so out of control that I would land on my butt. Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel embarrassed. It was actually funny. I've learned to embrace the dorky, clutzy side of me over the last year and a half. It actually loosened me up a bit, and by the time it was all said and done...I went over without falling...I hit my shins on the bar twice...but I stayed on my feet. When we were done with the circuit, I was winded. I survived and I struggled and I fell and my shin was hurting and I laughed and I did alright...not stellar...but I did alright. Most days, that's not enough, but on days like today...days when I am completely out of my element...I'll take it.

We went outside and ran around (J forgot doctor's orders and I purposefully didn't remind him.). It was kinda hurting, but I like to run and I'm so stubborn. We ran around for the next few minutes until he remembered that I wasn't supposed to run. We stopped running and walked to our next "workout area" at the park across the street. That was really fun...except for the monkey bars. My hands were killin me when we were done. I have NEVER in my entire 38 years gone across monkey bars hanging without falling or as easy and pathetic as it bad as my hands hurt...I was glad we did it. We went back, gathered our stuff and left. He went back to the gym to train someone else and I went back to the gym for cardio.

So, after all that, here's my honest opinion: Today was fun. Working out at Spirals was a great idea in theory...the only problem was that some things were just too the climbing wall and the rope ladder wall. If I can climb right's too easy...too small. Honestly, my favorite part was outside. I didn't love Spirals and I didn't hate it...I was some where in the middle...but that's okay. I asked J what he thought, but I never got an answer. I'm not sure how he felt about it. It was an experiment. It was a change. And, if I was asked to go back...I would...only next time I'll try to be a little more relaxed from the start.

20 Box jumps on beam
20 Renegade Rows (each arm)
20 Box jumps (lower)
50 KB Double arm Swing
10 Rope pull from sitting
20 Push Ups on Pbars
20 Leg lifts on pbars arms locked out
30 Left,right jumps
20 Jumping Pull Ups

10 box jumps
80 squats,80 push ups (side steppin between)

45 MIN random course on elliptical (resistance 15)

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