Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 221...rOw rOw rOw your...rOwEr!...

Today was the first time I've ever used a rowing machine...and I LOVED it! I don't usually train with J on Wednesdays, but he was nice enough to invite me to come and "play" with his new toys. I wasn't really having a bad day per say...but I was sleepy after a bout of insomnia last night and weary after a Kindergarten field trip. I was cranky and a good workout was all I needed to turn it around.

We did a fun workout. J finished almost 2 minutes BEFORE me...UGH! I don't usually make excuses, but in my defense...I had a snag with the pullups that hung me up for at least a minute. If there was a tape of me trying to get my inflexible leg up high enough to put my foot in the band...I could make some big money on "America's Funniest Home Videos". After a minute, I gave up and did jumping pullups...still it was excruciatingly FUN!

After we recovered a bit, J worked with me on "kipping". It's so much easier to learn on a good pullup bar and with chalky hands. I'll get those dang pullups eventually...if it kills me and tears my hands up. Yikes! They hurt and look awful, but they are battle scars...and as the quote by Petra Salve says..."Sometimes if you want to be a winner, you have to be willing to bear the scars from the fight." After that, J and I "raced" each other on the rowers. Man...what a gut check! My abs were feelin that...actually many parts of me were feelin it! J won...but there will be a rematch! We had fun...well I'll speak for ME..I HAD FUN!

Afterwards, a man came in to check out the new CROSSFIT MANSFIELD. He was really nice. It was exciting to see someone come in after seeing it on the list of affiliates. It's so great to see J's place come together...a few pieces at a time. He's done really well so far. Today was good.

500m Row
25 Wall Ball Shots
25 Knees To Elbows
25 Burpees
25 Pull Ups (jumping for me)
400m Run

a bit of Kipping practice and...
a 500m row/race between me & J (HE WON)


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