Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day 207...pArT oNe...SpLiT sHiFt...

Today is gonna be a little bit like working a split shift. I'm going to do in two separate workouts, what I would normally do in one. This week's schedule is a little off with J being out of town Monday and some other stuff, so we are going to workout this afternoon instead of Friday. It's not a big deal...I just have stuff to do at night so I can't spend the extra time doing cardio then...and anyone who knows me, knows I NEVER skip cardio. Plus, I like to take my time and give my workout as much time as it takes. I hate feeling rushed, so it's better to break it up and do cardio in the morning and then I'll have all the time I need later on. I will do the same thing for my post today...I'll split it up into two parts.

I decided that I would run intervals for my cardio. I checked with J first to make sure that there is no running in my workout tonight. He said no, so I took off for the treadmill. I haven't done true intervals since I've come back from my time off. The one or two times I've semi done them, I've done shortened running and longer walking/recovery. I've also been a little slower. I'm still not back up to my "normal" fast speed of 8.5 on the treadmill, but I'm getting closer. It was like running a marathon at times. Some of the running parts were just miserable and when it was especially hard...I had to imagine that I had made it to the top of a hill and tell myself that I only have 30 more seconds...that I'm going downhill. When that didn't work, I reverted to memories.

There are a few vivid memories that I use to help me when I am alone and struggling. I think about being on the Airdyne at "the COMPOUND" in like I had never been before...or since for that matter. I can see W standing next to me...yelling over the top of the noisy fan and the rickety bike. "COME ON! I WANT 20 CALORIES! NO! KEEP GOING! YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!" I still have no idea how I survived that day. I literally fell off the bike at the end and layed speechless on the dirty concrete floor...gasping for air for several minutes. I remember "the TEST"...the one that we did twice. All I wanted was to beat Koy...and I did...but only because W wouldn't let me stop. I remember screaming as I ran the last lap around the building...everything hurt. The last memory is once...early on in our training relationship...when W had me get in the plank position. I had NEVER in my life done this. The first 30 seconds I thought, "I can do this no problem." then at 40 seconds...I started to only got worse. It felt like all my muscles were firing at the same time. All I wanted was to stop. I still remember W...down on his hands and knees...right by my head with his freakin stopwatch...pushing me. "COME ON! DON'T YOU STOP! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN! TIGHTEN YOUR CORE! DON'T YOU STOP! YOU CAN DO THIS!" He had me in that position for 2 minutes. I've never held it that long since. The pain takes over and I weiny out. I've always known that a big part of my success those days were because of him.

I remembered those times and thought of his words and I made it through EVERY running interval! It was such a relief at the end of that 45 minutes to step off of that treadmill. I did about ten minutes of holds and stretches in the back room afterwards. It was tough...but it was a good cardio day. Let's just hope it doesn't affect my performance tonight. Until then...


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