Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 218...sUndAy coMicS...

I was just telling J yesterday that I never watch the news or read the newspaper, because it stresses me out. Still I look for the newspaper EVERY Sunday...but not to read about foreign affairs or breaking news. I look at the store "ads" and read the comics. Whenever I see a comic strip that I like...I cut it out. I found this one that I posted in a book and loved it, because unfortunately...I can relate!

I wish I could do pullups. It frustrates me that after all this time...that try as I might...I never get a single dead hang pullup. I don't know when I will...but I know this...when I will mean more to me than if I stepped up to the bar and pulled myself up on the first try.

We can't appreciate joy if we've never felt sadness. We can't appreciate sweet unless we've tasted bitter. We can't truly appreciate our accomplishments unless we've experienced defeat. I WILL DO A PULL UP...ONE DAY!


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