Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 212...sTrUggLinG tO cAtcH mY bReaTh...

Once...on a video that showed how the actors on the movie "300" worked out to get those hot bodies...a guy from Mark Twight's gym, GYM JONES, said something like, "..if you're not a little nervous before your're probably not working out hard enough!" I believe that as well. J posted the WOD (workout of the day) for me to see a couple of hours before we were to meet. He also told me that I would be "racing" his other client, B...the one I raced last week...the 18 yr old...200 LB...future Marine! I was a little freaked, but fact I said something lame like..."BRING IT!"

I got to the gym...feeling anxious...hungry...I was afraid to eat a big lunch after I saw the workout he posted. I didn't want to BARF! I never have before...but there is always a first time everything! The problem that I didn't think about until I got started was that all I ate was a Slimfast bar about an hour before I got there and I needed MORE "fuel in the tank"! B didn't make it, so it was me against the clock. J had already completed it, so I wanted to at least match his time.

The thrusters were painful...not in one specific place...but an all over pain that made me feel panicked. 50 at a time is hard! The burpees were PURE TORTURE!...especially with having to do that pushup in the middle and go down until my belly and nose are grazing the floor! I just tried to jump as far as I could everytime to cut down on how many I had to do! The run was like rest time. J kept asking about my legs, but my muscles were never a legs NEVER was my cardio endurance. I was struggling SO HARD to breathe. I was gasping for air and the people at the gym were thinking I'm as crazy as ever. At times, I thought I would faint because I was practically hyperventilating. I musta really looked pained because WFG told J, "Pulling fingernails off is quicker if you wanna torture someone." J replied, "She likes it!" Yikes!...I'm not sure if that's scary or a turn on! It took me a while to get up off the ground and recover when I was done. Everything on me was tired...hurting.

I didn't match J's took me a minute longer...dang it! I couldn't do any cardio...I was too wiped out...I still am...all I want to do is lay on my bed. I went to Walmart Neighborhood Market to get stuff to cook for dinner after I left Utopia and a lady walked past me on her cell phone...excused herself to the person on the other end...and YELLED to me, "I WANT TO WORKOUT WHERE YOU WORKOUT!" I just smiled. I guess that's why I keep going...even when I want to "tap out"!


400 M RUN



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MC said...

WOW! Thanks! I didn't think anyone was reading other than a handful of close friends and family on occasion. I'm glad you liked it!